Tuesday Fast Five With Melissa Claire Egan

Credit: JPI

Which era of history would you like to live in for a week?
“I think I would have loved the Roaring Twenties. Lots of dancing, drinking and music, how could you not? Plus, I would have been all over those adorable flapper costumes!”

Who is your favorite Disney character?
“I always loved Sleeping Beauty, so maybe Princess Aurora. I mean, she gets to be pretty and sleep a lot, lucky girl.”

What happened on your worst date?
“A guy bit my arm once. I’m not joking. We were sitting at the bar of a restaurant, we had just met, and he bit my arm. Who knew he would become my husband one day? I’m kidding, he did not. I left immediately and never spoke to him again!”

Which co-star do you text with the most?
“I have a text chain with Amelia Heinle [Victoria] and Kelly Sullivan [ex-Sage] and Laura, who works behind the scenes at Y&R. We text all day long about the most ridiculous things. Funny viral videos, silly stories about our day, or complaining about something. I think the last one was some reference to THE GOLDEN GIRLS.”

What movie is guaranteed to make you cry?
Steel Magnolias. Sally Field’s breakdown and, ‘I can jog all the way to Texas and back, but my daughter can’t’…  Don’t get me started!”