Tuesday Fast Five With Courtney Hope

Credit: Gilles Toucas/Courtesy Of Bell-Phillip Television Inc

Tuesday Fast Five With Courtney Hope (Sally, B&B)


What’s your most frequent take-out order?

“I normally like a salmon salad with sweet potato fries. I’m obsessed with sweet potato fries.”

What’s your adult beverage of choice?

“Red wine.”

What’s your least favorite household chore?

“Folding laundry — and then putting it away. They’re two separate chores. I can wash it, but then I’m like, ‘Ugh.’ ”

If you were to take a road trip with three co-stars, who would you choose?

“Jacqui [Mac-Innes Wood, Steffy], because she always has great adventures; Scott [Clifton, Liam], because he’s so interesting and entertaining, and Ash [Brewer, Ivy] because she’s just so cool.”

What’s the last series you binge-watched?”

“Currently, I’m binging THE BIG BANG THEORY, but that’s because Chad [Duell, Michael, GH, her real-life beau] has never seen it, so I’m watching it again. But the last one I binged all the way through was THE HANDMAID’S TALE.”