Thorsten Tells Carolyn Hinsey: Oh Kaye!

AMC has asked Thorsten Kaye to come back before the show ends in September.

"I am very open to going back and finishing this up the right way," he says. "I would like to be there when the fat lady sings. I wasn't aware the fat lady was warming up, and frankly I think it's too soon for her to be singing, but here we are."

As Digest insiders know, Kaye's first concern on all of the ABC shows he has worked on (OLTL, PC, AMC) has always been about the story: Does it make sense? Will it take the character some place logical or new? Will viewers respond to it?

With Lorraine Broderick back at the helm, and AMC creator and legend Agnes Nixon reportedly consulting on story now, all signs point to someone fishing Zach out of the drink — or wherever he has REALLY been — by summer.

"I would certainly like to be part of the ending," affirms Kaye.