The Inside Scoop On GH's May Sweeps

GH Co-Head Writers Chris Van Etten And Dan O’Connor Give The Inside Scoop On May Sweeps.

The Battle For Wiley: “Nina is one of the couple of people who will play a pivotal role as the question of who ends up with custody of Wiley unfolds.” Likewise, Chase and Sasha’s faux affair will have big ramifications. “They have committed a desperate act in order to convince Michael and Willow to marry each other and give them an advantage over Nelle in the custody battle. There are going to be consequences, and Chase and Sasha have very different ways of coping with it. Sasha also has to deal with the extreme pressure of being the Face of Deception and she may find a dangerous way to cope with all that stress. As Michael and Willow move forward with the next step of their plan, Nelle is not taking it lying down. She has an ace up her sleeve and this ace has a long and contentious history with the Corinthos clan. All of this is leading to a big showdown between Carly and Nelle.” Then there’s the matter of the other half of Nina’s heart necklace, which the audience now knows is in Nelle’s possession. “For a long time, Nina has stifled her desire to prove that the child she conceived actually survived. But now Nina is in a good place with Jax, someone who can offer her healthy support and is a partner willing to go on this journey with her, and this reignites her desire to find out if she really does have a child out there.”

The Mob War: “Cyrus is a free man now. As mayor, Laura is on the front lines of the battle against Cyrus. There are certain lines in the sand that Sonny won’t cross. But right now, the situation is untenable. Their families are in danger; Jason and Sam feel like they can’t be near each other as long as tensions are escalating. A deal might need to be made in order for life to return to some sense of normalcy in Port Charles.” Meanwhile, “Sam is tearing her hair out. She is unable to resume normal life with Jason because of Delores and this looming spectre of another mob war. Circumstances may arise that will allow Sam to directly con- tend with one if not both of the obstacles in the path of her romance with Jason.”

Sonny/Mike: “Sonny is going to be forced to make the most difficult decision of his life as Mike’s condition changes. Drastic medical intervention may be needed to prolong his life, but at what cost? The decision rests on Sonny’s shoulders alone, but will Carly and the rest of his family agree with whatever decision he makes?”

Finn/Anna: “Anna and Finn move forward with planning their wedding, but in my experience in daytime, the more time you have to plan a wedding, the greater the risk to that wedding actually coming off.”

Holly’s Death: “Robert has received the devastating news that one of the loves of his life, Holly, has passed away, but not all is what it seems, and Robert may soon be at odds with Anna and Laura about what is really going on here. The news about Holly may seem to impact very few in Port Charles, but actually snowballs and has a profound effect on quite a large swath of characters as spring goes forward into summer.”

Ava/Nikolas/Elizabeth/Franco: “Ava and Nikolas are weaponizing their friendships with the married couple and the insecurities of Elizabeth and Franco that they know exist. It appears to be working, but there is a fine line between love and hate, which Ava and Nikolas are recognizing, and if they aren’t careful, Elizabeth and Franco just may realize what’s going on.”

Peter/Maxie: “Peter thinks he plugged all the holes in his sinking ship and that he has everything he wants with Maxie. But Maxie may get some news in the near future that could throw a wrench into the state of bliss that they are in right now.”

Valentin’s ELQ Takeover Attempt: “Valentin has been plotting for some time now to get revenge on the Quartermaines and also increase his holdings in Port Charles by effecting a takeover. He has been able to undertake his efforts largely under the radar. However, word will reach Brook Lynn that hers were not the only ELQ shares in play, and when she finds this out, she will start to get onto Valentin’s scent, at which point the clock will be ticking. Valentin will need to move fast if he wants to stitch up his plot to gain control of ELQ.”

Neil/Alexis: “Many of the obstacles that have gotten in the way of Alexis and Neil being together have been removed. The question is, at what cost, and are Alexis and Neil prepared to deal with the consequences?”

Julian: “Julian will face a new threat to his lifestyle and will be faced with a very difficult choice, the consequences of which will lead to much suffering.”

Jordan/Curtis: “Jordan is continuing to quote-unquote work for Cyrus, with the intention of gathering as much information as she can in order to take him down. But Cyrus has taken an interest in Trina and Portia’s well- being, as well, and this gets under Jordan’s skin. It is Curtis who has the strongest reaction and feels the need to intervene and protect Portia and Trina. But Trina may not be willing to accept much help from the man she blames for her father’s death.”

The Teens: “The one-year anniversary of Oscar’s death is approaching and Josslyn finally seems ready to put her grief behind her. She is ready to open her heart romantically to someone else again, but there is a question — maybe the object of her desire has already begun to have feelings for someone else. I think it’s fair to say that the love lives of our quad of teens is about to get messy.”

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