Ted King To Attend GH Fan Club Event

Credit: JPI

Ted King (ex-Alcazar, GH et al) will make the scene at the GH fan club event during the weekend of July 27. “I am going to go back and do the GH fan event for the first time ever,” he says. “They invited me and it’s the 55th anniversary, so I’m going to go for the day and see what that’s all about. I’m always looking forward to the questions from the fans and to see what they’re interested in. Are they interested in the past or present? Obviously, I’ve evolved a lot since I was on GH.” In addition to the independent film, Milkshake Girls, the actor can also be seen in the upcoming HBO movie, MY DINNER WITH HERVÉ. “I have a small role in it,” he says. “It stars Peter Dinklage as Hervé Villechaize. It’s a really wild story and it’s true. The guy that directed the film [Sasha Gervasi] is actually one of the characters in the film. He’s the reporter, played by Jamie Dornan, who comes to Los Angeles to interview a bunch of people and one of them is Hervé. He wrote the original news piece and now turned it into a film. It has a phenomenal cast.” King has also been busy raising daughters Ava and Vivienne with wife, Maya, and recently reconnected with some familiar PC faces at a party. “I saw Lisa LoCicero [Olivia], who I’ve known forever because she played my sister [Jocelyn] on THE CITY [where he played Danny]. I saw Mark Teschner [casting director] there, and some behind the scenes people I know, too.”



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