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How Robert Scott Wilson transitioned from THE PRICE IS RIGHT to Pine Valley (Pete Cortlandt, ALL MY CHILDREN)

When Robert Scott Wilson auditioned for the new ALL MY CHILDREN, he had no idea that he’d be playing a legacy role. “They had me read for a fictitious character named Ben,” he recalls. “I loved the character right off the bat. I submitted my video [audition], got good feedback, then had a Skype session with Casting Director Alison Goodman. I read about four more times for her, she showed the producers, and in two days, I was on a flight for New York.”


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All Wilson needed to do was work out his schedule with THE PRICE IS RIGHT, where, last October, he became the first male model to appear on the 40-year-old series. “I am going to be bicoastal until September because we are going to be shooting [AMC] in increments until then,” he explains. “THE PRICE IS RIGHT is super-flexible. They are fantastic people, so they are very supportive of everything; we are a family.”

Robert Scott Wilson


Nabbing the groundbreaking spot on the game show wasn’t easy, Wilson admits. “It’s another thing that has turned into something that I could not have imagined,” he marvels. “It was a casting just like I get for anything else through my agency. When I saw it, I thought it was going to be huge. [My reps told me] ‘Rob, you are really going to be jumping through hoops for this because this is a nationwide search in papers and on radio everywhere.’ I went to the open call like everyone else. We shot five webisodes of just the audition process. It was nerve-wracking because we were putting ourselves completely on the line. I had never done that. For auditions, of course, you let yourself open up. But to have it all videotaped, be shown on air and not know if you are going to win is nerve-wracking. The judges and the whole nine yards was new for me. But it worked out!”

Though Wilson appeared on BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL in March, he is still new to the world of soaps, and is impressed by what he’s experienced so far with AMC. “All of the producers across the board are putting out a product that they want to look like prime-time television,” he raves. “We have a little bit looser scripts. The writing is a little bit more on the edge. They are bringing in new blood with all of the legends. It is good chemistry and it gives it that new life.”

He already has a pretty good handle on his alter ego. “He is like a young Ari Gold from ENTOURAGE. He is always fired up, but he is a good kid,” Wilson describes. “Pete is very business-oriented, but at the same time, he is really into working out. We have only been filming for a few weeks and I have ended up shirtless a couple of times. Pete has always been girl crazy. He has grown up and is now successful. With that brings lessons and challenges, love life and all. He is still a momma’s boy and has all of those good qualities, but I always try to be as intense as possible. I hope people like it.”

Wilson reports that he feels very welcomed by his co-workers. “Jill [Larson, Opal] is awesome, Julia Barr [Brooke] is amazing,” he smiles. “Everyone has been truly great and I am not just saying that. The directors have given me great, positive feedback that made me feel better going into my next day. As one of the new leads on one of these shows, we have a big workload that can get overwhelming. But with all of the positivity, it just works.” Wilson first broke into showbiz in 2008. “I went to castings in my home state of Massachusetts,” he recounts. “When I booked my first movie and stepped on set, I started watching the actors, like Bruce Willis [in Surrogates] and Anne Hathaway [in Bride Wars] work, and it changed my interpretation of everything. I knew what I wanted to do. In Bride Wars, I had gotten cast off my head shot as a “Latino guy”; however, in every take when we were filming, Anne kept calling me Rob, so my credit ended up being Rob Wilson as Rob. After that, I was bitten by the acting bug.” But he is still grateful to the profession that launched his career. “[Modeling] helped me get to where I am and I will never turn my back on what I have done,” he declares. “I embrace it. I have had fun doing it. I feel like it is part of something that has gotten me to where I am.”

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As has the support of the people in his life. “I have the best friends and family ever. They have believed in me, even more than myself sometimes, to keep me in the right direction,” he shares. “Over the past few years, I have had so many things go on around me in my personal life. I don’t take things for granted. I am pretty religious. I believe in energy and spirits. I don’t surround myself with anybody that is negative.”

So with gigs on both coasts and AMC set to launch next week, Wilson’s world is looking pretty positive. And he has no plans to slow down anytime soon. “I am always auditioning and have other projects I will be working on,” he says. “I will be in my acting class. Nothing is going to change. You can’t stop that hustle.”

Tech Talk

Remembering Pete’s tricky dialogue has require d some serious studying, Wilson reports. “I have been lucky enough to work with my friend Andy t o memorize lines,” he says. “If not, I record my monologues because they are so techie. We are talking about software programs, encryptions and stuff like that , and I ned to fire that off as if I know. I own this company!”

Just The Facts:

Birthday: November 9

Hails From: Grafton, MA

First Class: Wilson made game show history when he became the first male model on THE PRICE IS RIGHT in October 2012.

Robert Scott Wilson


Must-See TV: “BREAKING BAD, SONS OF ANARCHY, and one of my favorite shows of all time is ENTOURAGE. I love that East Coast vibe being brought to L.A. People like what you can relate to. I am not saying I can relate to Vinnie Chase, but I can relate to some of the struggles and life that happens, both the good and the bad. It is very intriguing to me. MAD MEN and BOARDWALK EMPIRE inspire me so much.”

Fit Is Fabulous: “I try to eat clean, but it has been a little harder since being in New York because I love Italian food. I work out as much as I can. I am not a crazy health freak that is over the top, but I enjoy working out and I enjoy eating clean. It is just part of my nature now.”

Robert Scott Wilson

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