#TBT Kin Shriner

Credit: Getty

Kin Shriner (Scotty Baldwin, GENERAL HOSPITAL) is a young man who likes to live fast and move fast. His most enjoyable hours (aside from those devoted to bringing Scott Baldwin to life) is the time he spends zipping down the freeway on his 750 Triumph motorcycle. The total concentration and skill needed for this sport provides Kin with the much needed escape from the pressures of his daily life — there can be nothing on his mind except what’s on the road before him.

He not only moves quickly down freeways, but also from place to place. He readily admitted to being a bit of a wanderer … not really liking to stay in one place for more than three days.

This love of action also figures quite prominently in his career goals. If he achieves his dream of becoming a studio head he would only solicit and produce those films that quicken the adrenaline flow of film goers. He has absolutely no desire to make message movies. He very strongly feels films should be pure escapism.

Having discovered this vital part of Kin, it was hardly surprising that when asked if he was allotted a few hours with any public figure who would he chose?, Kin responded he would love to shoot the breeze with either Clint Eastwood or Charles Bronson. He would not only like to talk to men who play action figures, but might possibly want to be one himself. It was hard to tell whether Kin was putting me on (his blank expression didn’t give him away) as he responded if he weren’t an actor he would love to be a detective. If he didn’t speak with forked tongue, this choice of career would certainly fit perfectly with the way he likes to live his life — exciting and on edge.

It’s not only the bang-bang, shoot-em-up whizzing down the street action that attracts Kin; he also likes the first whirling activity of large and splashy high-flying parties. If he could, he would love to travel back in time and be part of the Hollywood society of the ’30s — a group of people definitely known for the kicks they got out of champagne.

Kin Shriner was in low gear when he gave this interview, but I could still sense a man who loves to move … and where he’s moving is probably super-stardom. He has the talent to achieve all of his dreams.

This interview originally appeared in the February 6, 1979 issue of Soap Opera Digest.