Take Five With Melissa Ordway (Abby, Y&R)

Are there any Christmas traditions that you grew up with that you’ve incorporated with your own family? “Yes. Every Christmas Eve, we would go to church, come home, eat and then before I’d go to bed, my parents would let me open one gift under the tree. We do that with the girls, too. That’s something we’ve carried on.”

Do you do any baking during the holiday season? “Justin [Gaston, ex-Ben, DAYS, her husband] makes sugar cookies with the vanilla icing from scratch. He puts food coloring in the icing and we decorate the cookies with sprinkles.”

What do your daughters, Olivia and Sophie, love the most about Christmas? “Honestly, the toys. They have a whole list and they’re very excited to see what Santa’s going to bring them.”

Who’s a better gift wrapper, you or Justin? “Me, 100 percent. I try to make presents look really nice and pretty. Justin will just quickly wrap with whatever he can find.”

What is your most cherished Christmas ornament? “It’s a little ornament that my parents got for me when I was born. It’s a little baby in a rocking bassinet thing and it has a little blanket over it. I get so excited when I put it on the tree every year. I’ve put it on for the past 36 years.”