Take Five With Kyle Lowder (Rex, DAYS)


Credit: NBC

What’s your favorite game show? “JEOPARDY. Watched it with my family almost every night in my childhood.”

What smell brings back great memories? “Fresh-cut grass. Brings me right back to my childhood summers
of mowing my parents’ lawn and football

What TV show would you want your life to be like? “Guy Fieri’s DINERS, DRIVE-INS AND DIVES. Who doesn’t want to travel the country eating all that incredible food?!”

What is the most
useless talent you have?
“I can make a really loud popping noise with my fingers. Sounds like I’m popping bones. I’m not. I can’t explain it, it’s weird. But it freaks people out at parties.”

What do you spend way too much money on? “Wine.”


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