Take Five With Courtney Hope (Sally, B&B)

What is your favorite pizza topping? “I don’t really eat pizza because I can’t really have anything on it. I can do a vegan gluten-free pizza with no sauce. So whatever toppings fit with that, I can eat.”

What’s your favorite splurge? “Trips. I like going and having an adventure. I’d much rather spend money on that than an item of clothing or something materialistic. I’d much rather create a memory.”

What’s a hobby you wish you had more time for? “Going to dance classes. I feel like that’s something that’s always difficult for me. I can always dance around my house. Debbie Reynolds [Dance Studio] was close by me but that recently closed, which is
a shame because it was really easy for me to pop in over the weekend.”

What’s your favorite scent? “I love the smell of lavender but any sort of sweet scent like cake batter or vanilla or some sweet bakery scent like brown sugar.”

What’s your favorite guilty pleasure viewing? “The Hallmark Channel, although it’s not always easy to keep up!”