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Tabyana Ali Discusses Nicholas Chavez Leaving, Trina's Future



Poor Trina has been on her own since January 31 of this year when Spencer tragically went overboard, saving the love of his life from Esme’s clutches. While viewers thought that actor Nicholas Chavez would return to his role when he was done shooting his other project, the actor’s statement on Friday made it obvious that it wasn’t going to be anytime soon, if at all. Trina’s portrayer, Tabyana Ali, addressed her co-star’s news.

“It was great creating Sprina together with him,” Ali told Digest. “I want the best for him and all of his endeavors and I hope that we will get the chance to work together again someday. I also want to show my gratitude to Sprina Nation as well.” That devoted fanbase continues to support her.

They were out in full force when Digest caught up with Ali last weekend at the Coastal Entertainment-produced “Celebrate the 80s With The GH Ladies” dance party — along with co-stars Finola Hughes (Anna), Cynthia Watros (Nina) and Laura Wright (Carly). The young superstar was a smash hit with those in attendance — a force of nature singing along on stage, keeping up with Hughes on the dance floor, going around the crowd talking with everyone, and making sure fans were having a fantastic time. During a brief break from the action and before the ladies hit the stage for a question and answer session, Ali pondered her character’s future and what her dream story would be for Trina.

“It might be a long shot, but I really wanted [her] to turn into some cool, edgy, if I can say — excuse my French — badass,” she smiled, with a twinkle of mischief in her eyes. Of course, many of the young actress’s legion of fans already see Trina as pretty badass — when she’s given the chance. After all, she fought pretty fiercely to save Spencer when they were in Greenland. She should be able to be that way again — certainly losing the love of her life would be a strong motivation for that.

“I want her to just be…just cool, to have another side of her,” she continued. “I think she’s such a kind person. I would like her to have a vendetta story or a revenge story. Or the love of her life is gone and now she just turned evil a little bit,” she said with a laugh before acknowledging the more likely scenario. “But I don’t know how much that would be possible. She’s such a kind-hearted person at her core.” It’s still fun to dream.