Susan Flannery On B&B Status

Credit: JPI

Susan Flannery (ex-Stephanie, B&B) has come out of retirement — but as a director, helming the February 21 episode of THE FOSTERS. In dishing her behind-the-scenes gig with TV Guide, she revealed that while her daughter, Blaise, and grandchild will appear as extras on B&B (in scenes shot on the show’s trip to Australia), she, herself, remains committed to staying off-camera. “I’m very happy with my decision,” she said of her 2012 exit. “No regrets.” She added for the right part, she’d act again, just not in daytime. “If you’re two beats off in a scene and you need to do it over again, there is simply no time,” she explained. “You have to settle for less than your best.” For the full interview, click here