Summer Lovin' GH

Summer camp: Loved it, loathed it or skipped it?

Bellow: “The majority of my experiences, I loved summer camp.”

Howarth: “Loved it.”

James: “Loved it! My home-town of Vancouver, Canada, has the most beautiful nature.”

Lake, ocean or pool?

Bellow: “Pool. My pool experiences were when I was younger and just those childhood moments of playing basketball and jumping in the pool and throwing it to my friends and dunking it in the water — those were really good times.”

Howarth: “Ocean.”

James: “If I can’t see and touch the bottom, I don’t want it. Pool!”

Sunscreen: Forgetful or fanatical?

Bellow: “Unfortunately, I’m forgetful. I need to do better.”

Howarth: “Forgetful.”

James: “Fanatical! Forgot yours? I’ve got it!”

Favorite summer drink:

Bellow: “Something with mezcal in it — maybe a nice mezcal with some grapefruit mixed in. That’s summer for me.”

Howarth: “Water.”

James: “Pineapple margarita, splash of Red Bull.”

Favorite food to toss on the grill:

Bellow: “I’m enjoying seafood right now. I’ve learned some new ways to do it.”

Howarth: “Eggplant. Not true.”

James: “Corn on the cob!”

Favorite fruit:

Bellow: “Watermelon or cherries.”

Howarth: “Watermelon.”

James: “Pineapple, strawberries, blueberries, a crisp Granny Smith!”

Favorite frozen treat:

Bellow: “Ice cream.”

Howarth: “A lime ICEE.”

James: “Ben & Jerry’s The Tonight Dough!”

Favorite summer sport:

Bellow: “Tennis or basketball.”

Howarth: “Water polo.”

James: “Is tanning a sport?”

Favorite beach activity:

Bellow: “Definitely something sporty, like throwing a Frisbee or a football.”

Howarth: “Water polo.”

James: “Socializing under the sun!”

Road trip role: Driver or passenger?

Bellow: “I have a dual role. But mostly driver.”

Howarth: “Driver.”

James: “Passenger by default.”

Top item on my summertime to-do list:

Bellow: “If things permit, I would like to travel and camp this summer. I would like to have a very immersive camping experience.”

Howarth: “Buy sunscreen.”

James: “Got my tickets to Disneyland for my birthday this summer. I can’t wait!”