Soaps’ Sexiest Men 2020 - Sean Dominic

Are you comfortable with being a sex symbol?

“I haven’t really absorbed it yet. Who is really comfortable with being a sex symbol? It’s a challenging title to have, for sure, but it’s certainly flattering.”

What quality in a woman makes your temperature go up?

“A sense of humor. I am silly for about 95 percent of my life, so if I can find someone who can tolerate that and be silly along with me, that’s very, very attractive to me.”

What’s the sexiest thing a woman can wear?

“Depending on what we’re doing, she can be in a T-shirt and sweats with her hair pulled back and look sexy; so is a lovely dress for a night on the town.”

What would you do for a romantic night on the town?

“It would actually be real simple and fun. We would go out to dinner, and after dinner go bowling and then we catch a movie. Talking and interacting is very romantic to me.”

When do you feel sexiest? “When I’m consistent with hitting the gym and eating as clean as possible. That’s when I feel at my best.”

Who’s your pick for sexiest celebrity?

“J.Lo is still doing it. I have to give it up for her.”

What music do you find sexy?

“The R&B I grew up with. When I listen to that kind of music now, I think, ‘Hey, there are a lot of false promises in those songs.’ ”

What’s your signature scent?

“Clean For Men. It makes you smell fresh, like you just came out of a shower, instead of smelling like cologne.”

Complete this sentence:

My heart races when… “Someone tells me I’m one of soaps’ sexiest men.”

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