Soaps' Sexiest Men 2020 - Michael Mealor

Do you see yourself as a sex symbol?

“Absolutely not! It’s the antithesis of my personality. Working out, being in good shape and all of that kind of stuff is what makes me feel good when I get out of bed in the morning. If there’s any kind of sexy image that comes with that, then it’s just a bonus. My personality is not to flaunt anything.”

What quality do you find sexiest in women?

“Someone who leads with intelligence.”

What’s the sexiest article of clothing in your wardrobe?

“My boxer briefs.”

Which celebrity exudes sex appeal?

“In all of stardom, that would be Ana de Armas. She is beautiful.”

You’ve modeled extensively. What advice have you gotten to look sexy in photos?

“That even in photos, you’re telling a story. So, if I’m supposed to be sexy, then think sexy thoughts. Also, bite my lip.”

When do you feel sexy?

“Rarely, but if I do, it’s when I’m in the gym because the muscles look defined. Plus, there’s all those mirrors so you can see yourself at every angle.”

In your opinion, when does Kyle look sexiest?

“When he’s in his element, which is business, and sitting behind a desk at Jabot. He’s very confident.”

What’s your signature scent?

“The brand name is Creed and there are like 10 different scents. I only wear the one called Aventus.” My heart races when… “It’s date night.”

What’s at the top of your list for sexiest movie?

Mr. & Mrs. Smith is always good. There’s sex, guns and action!”

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