Soaps' Hottest Newcomers: Delon de Metz

What did you do to celebrate when you landed your job at B&B? “I can’t provide details, but there was a lot of champagne involved.”

How was your character initially described to you? “Zende’s backstory was described in detail, but the producers left enough of a blank slate to let me put my touch on the character.”

What stands out about your first tape day? “Action! Tanner [Novlan], who I’ve known for quite a while, warned me that the pace is faster than anything I’ve seen but even then, ‘Action!’ came much faster than I had anticipated.”

What do you know now that you wish you’d known when you first started? “Have a couple of looks in your pocket to shoot at the end of an intense scene.”

What most surprised you about the soap production process? “Rehearsal, masked up for Covid. It’s both odd and refreshing to see your scene partner’s face for the first time only after the camera starts rolling.”

What do you like most about your character? “It’s fun playing a designer; the looseness you might attribute to an artist has made playing Zende a good time.”

Who in the cast helped show you the ropes? “I’ve been spending most of my time with Kiara [Barnes, Zoe], and she’s definitely taken the time to set the stage for me.”

What has been your biggest/funniest on-set flub? “I held a beat for a loooong time in the hopes that my line would come to me. It did not.”

What have been your favorite scenes thus far? “I had a nuanced scene with Kiara and another with John McCook [Eric] that I hope you’ll all enjoy.”

Is there anyone you’re hoping to work with that you haven’t yet? “I had a crush on Denise [Richards, Shauna] for my entire childhood. The World Is Not Enough. I’m dying to work with her!”