Daytime vet Sarah Buxton goes before the SHARK TANK panel tonight to pitch an innovative line of swimwear she has created that offers UPF 50 protection. Buxton was inspired to create the line after she was diagnosed with melanoma a few years ago. “I’m fine now,” she reports. “But I’ve spent my life outdoors and I didn’t want that to stop. That led to me creating Tutublue.” Buxton, who first became know to soap viewers as SUNSET BEACH’s Annie Douglas Richards, says her acting experience helped during her pitch. “I knew how to make the points I needed to make,” says Buxton. “But that didn’t help me from being nervous when it came time to go in front of the judges. I tried to use that nervous energy to keep me focused.” SHARK TANK airs on ABC. To learn more about Buxton’s swimwear line, visit