Sibling Revelry With Robert Adamson And Camryn Grimes

Credit: JPI

Soap Opera Digest: How would you describe the relationship between your characters?
Camryn Grimes: I think that for not being raised together, they have a very brother/sister kind of chemistry. There was an automatic closeness between them and they know that their relationship is special. I have six siblings and I’m the oldest. I’m close with all of my brothers and sisters, but each relationship is different.
Robert Adamson: The relationship between Noah and Mariah began as contentious, but over the years has grown as strong, I think, as any sibling relationship on the show. There’s a lot of love and respect.

Digest: How would you say you worked on developing a realistic sibling bond on camera?
Grimes: We were always friendly with each other and then we started hanging out away from the set, so we have this awesome friendship going, and I think that’s played into our characters’ connection, as well. I think that’s what the viewers see between them.
Adamson: Cam and I hang out quite a bit off set. We rock climb together and stuff, but mostly, I just bug her when she’s gotta go pee. I’ll stand outside her door and knock until she answers me.

Digest: Do you see any similarities between your characters’ relationship and your dynamic with any of your real-life siblings?
Grimes: I’m very protective of all of my brothers and sisters, especially my youngest brother, Ryder, and Mariah does feel protective of Noah.

Digest: Do you see a familyresemblance?
Grimes: We look nothing alike! He has dark hair and those blue eyes, and I have red hair, hazel eyes and freckles. And he doesn’t look like any of my siblings.
Adamson: Camryn reminds me a bit of my sister, Cheryl — red hair and strong-willed.

Digest: What have been your favorite scenes together?
Grimes: I love Noah and Mariah because they’re playful and jokey but there’s always a level of caring. I like their scenes right now because she’s
making sure he’s happy with Tessa. Mariah wants her brother to end up with the right girl.
Adamson: We’ve had some good ones, but truthfully, some of our best work was during her integration into the family, when Noah showed her some tough love.

Digest: Does your off-camera relationship ever feel brotherly/sisterly?
Grimes: It’s weird, but people usually think we’re married! But that’s only because we are so close. We poke fun at each other a lot, which I guess can be like siblings. I think Robert and I are closer than Noah and Mariah because we hang out a lot.
Adamson: Although Noah and Mariah get along when we see them together, the bond that Camryn and I have off set is much stronger than our characters’, but still similar to a bond that real-life siblings share.

Digest: Who do you think is their mom’s favorite, the one she’s known since birth or the moody newbie?
Adamson: Come on! Noah, hands-down, but that’s only because Cassie’s gone.
Grimes: Noah is, for sure, Sharon’s favorite. She cares for Mariah but Sharon knows Mariah will be fine, so Sharon is always more concerned about Noah. Plus, Noah is her only son, so that’s a substantial bond.

Digest: What do your characters think of each other’s choice of romantic partner?
Adamson: Noah’s very supportive of her relationship with Devon but he’ll always be the protective brother.
Grimes: I think, in a weird way, Mariah is kindred spirits with Tessa. Mariah knows Tessa has a good heart and good intentions. Mariah not only approves of Tessa but she’s pushing Tessa and Noah to be together.

Digest: Although Robert is older than Camryn, Mariah is older than Noah. Do you ever feel that Camryn is older and wiser?
Grimes: Absolutely, 1,000 percent!
Adamson: No, if anything, I forget that Noah is younger. It works, so Camryn can’t be that sassy and hold the older sister card, too.