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Sibling Revelry With Courtney Hope And Courtney Grosbeck

A Day on "The Bold and the Beautiful" Set
Courtney Hope, Courtney Grosbeck A Day on "The Bold and the Beautiful" Set CBS Television City Los Angeles, Ca. 03/23/17 © Nick Sined/ 310-657-9661 *** World Rights Except France *** Credit: JPI

Soap Opera Digest: How would you describe the relationship between the Spectra sisters?
Courtney Hope: Sally is very protective of Coco. Since their parents were never there for them and their grandmother was always working in the bakery, Sally pretty much raised Coco and she took that responsibility very seriously. She still does, even though Coco is a young woman now and can make her own decisions. We haven’t really gotten to explore it too much yet, but I’m sure both of these girls have some major abandonment issues!
Courtney Grosbeck: Courtney and I have talked about that a lot, actually. Coco definitely looks up to her big sister. She sees Sally as this strong, independent woman who’s not afraid to go after what she wants. Coco may not say it but I think, in some ways, she wishes she was a little more like Sally. Coco could really use some of that Spectra sass like Sally and Grams have.

Digest: Are there any similarities between your on-screen relationship and your off-screen friendship?
Grosbeck: It’s pretty similar, actually. When I first started, Courtney was very much like a big sister, showing me around, introducing me to people, telling me how things run and all that kind of stuff. I would have been totally lost without her. She was such a big help to me in the beginning and I’ll always remember that.
Hope: I tend to be a little protective of her, just like Sally is very protective of Coco. In a way, she reminds me of my younger brother. We’re very close and I always try to look out for him. I just love him to death.

Digest: How did the two of you bond off camera?
Hope: We hang out a lot at the studio and we talk about your typical stuff — clothes, boys, scripts, the usual. We really clicked right away.
Grosbeck: Yeah, we really liked each other from the get-go. We do spend a lot of time together, and we talk about our families and some of the other jobs we’ve had. I think we bonded pretty quickly. She really feels like a big sister, and I love that.

Digest: What have been your favorite sister scenes?
Hope: When Coco found out that Sally betrayed her with the spyware. The scenes that followed were just devastating. That exchange between them on the runaway, and then the scenes after, were just so emotional. There were many layers to play in that story.
Grosbeck: I actually felt really sad after those scenes. And then, when Thomas got them together and Coco forgave Sally, I liked that a lot, too. I was really glad when they made up. I didn’t like it when they were apart. It didn’t feel right!

Digest: Does it ever get confusing on set given that you’re both named Courtney?
Grosbeck: Well, it’s funny. They came up with the nickname C.C. for me because for a couple of days, they were calling me Coco on set. It was like an identity crisis. I felt a little weird that people were calling me by my character name when they don’t do that with any of the other cast members. So, we ended up going with C.C.
Hope: Which I sometimes answer to myself, which confuses things even more! It’s like, “C.C.?” “Yes?” “No, Courtney.” “Yes, that’s me.” “No, the other Courtney.” “Oh.”

Digest: Do you see a family resemblance between you?
Hope: Not really, no.
Grosbeck: I kind of do, maybe around the eyes. I think Courtney is beautiful, so I certainly wouldn’t mind someone saying we looked alike.

Digest: There is such a history on B&B of siblings in love triangles. Could you see Sally and Coco ever going after each other’s boyfriends?
Hope: Uh, I’d be arrested [laughs]! Maybe in a couple of years from now — but no, absolutely not. And I’d never do that in real life, either. That’s not cool.
Grosbeck: I couldn’t picture Thomas with anyone other than Sally; they just seem to be a perfect fit. So, no. Coco would never do that.