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Sharon Case dishes about her personal style

What cosmetics are always in your purse? “I always keep a lip gloss and an SPF sunscreen that has a tinted moisturizer. I wear a clear lip gloss in the summer, and something with a hint of color for the other seasons.”

What have you learned from the Y&R makeup artists? “I used to have problems with eyeshadows that don’t have any pigment in them, so my makeup artists actually steered me in the direction of finding the right eyeshadows that actually do put pigment on you. Sephora has their own in-house brand of eyeshadows that I’ve been using lately.”

What are some of your drugstore beauty staples? “I’ll pick up a shaper hairspray like Sebastian and I’ll also get a simple shampoo like Pantene. I really like the Pantene products. My nail polish by OPI is called Tell Me About It Stud and you can get that at Walmart for under $10.”

What is your go-to lipstick shade? “It’s by Kosas, a reddish berry called Darkroom.”

What is your skin care routine? “I always wash my face and put on my skin care program twice a day, when I wake up and before I go to bed. I first wash my face with whatever because I’m not particular about what I use — sometimes I use a fancy cleanser, other times it’s regular hand soap. What matters is that you have a really great moisturizer and a serum. For the moisturizer, I like either DefenAge or Oil of Olay, which I’ve used for years. I still swear by that product. The serum that goes on after is a clear liquid; you use a few drops to apply to your face with your fingers. I like to use DefenAge serum. A couple of times a week, I’ll put on a product that has retinol in it.”

What is your typical style of clothing? “I’m very casual. Ever since the quarantine I got into the habit of wearing nothing but sweats or lounge pants for a couple of years, and in the last month, I’m finally starting to wear regular clothes again. When it’s summertime, I love sundresses. I also like tank tops that are fashionable and a little sexy but not trashy. So, I’ll wear a tank top with summer trousers, which I think has that clean, classic look. I do have a few dresses that are more like boho chic. I love ZARA and Anthropologie because I think their clothes are well-made and stylish. I also like pretty summer sandals and espadrilles.”

What’s your jewelry philosophy? “I like to keep that pretty simple, so a lot of times I wear just hoops. I don’t like to layer on a ton of jewelry, so you won’t find me with a ring on every finger.”

What was your all-time favorite red-carpet look? “I love gowns but for the [Daytime] Emmys in New York City one year, I wore this black two-piece dress. The top was like a tube top that showed a little bit of belly and the long skirt had a train. It was by a French company called Plein Sud and they loaned me that dress. It was so sexy and very much my style. I wish I had purchased it because I would’ve worn that to every red carpet event! I remember wearing my hair up, really high and curly.”