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Self Education: Matthew Atkinson

1. Why was Thomas Forrester named Thomas?

Atkinson: “I don’t know. Please tell me.”

Incorrect. His dad, Ridge, proposed
to his mom, Taylor,
in St. Thomas in
the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Atkinson: “That’s right. I did hear that story. I
knew that but from now on, I’m going
to keep that in my back pocket.”

2. Can you name of all of Thomas’s siblings?

Atkinson: “Goodness, no. I actually talked
about this with Thorsten [Kaye, Ridge] when I first came on the show and
so I promptly wrote up a family tree, which has been quite a while now, so I’m just going to bow out of this

Incorrect. Thomas’s full biological siblings are Steffy and her twin,
the late Phoebe; and he has a
half brother, R.J., via Ridge and Brooke.

3. True or false: In 2009, Thomas blew up Rick’s car.

Atkinson: “That is true! It would have also been fun to shoot scenes with Jacob Young [ex-Rick] and play that rivalry. I met him while I was on Y&R [from 2014-15 as Austin] and he was a really sweet guy.”


4. In 2012, Thomas proposed to Hope in which Mexican locale?
a) Cabo San Lucas
b) Puerto Vallarta
c) Mazatlán
d) Acapulco

Atkinson: “I will take A for 200 dollars. It was Cabo San Lucas.”


5. True or false: In 2003, Thomas ended up in the hospital because he drank an entire bottle of vodka.

Atkinson: “True. That was a significant moment for the character. I actually drank the worst vodka I ever tasted years ago, and I still will not drink vodka to this day.”


6. Where was Thomas living when Caroline passed away in 2019?

Atkinson: “He was living in New York City, where they were co-parenting Douglas.”


7. When Thomas and Hope got married in 2019, who was his best man?

Atkinson: “Oh, Douglas, of course!”


8. That same year, Thomas and Liam had a heated confrontation when the truth came out that baby Beth was alive and Thomas knew. Where did it take place?

Atkinson: “Technically, it was the roof of CBS but I believe it was the roof of Forrester Creations. I love the off-kilter stuff, like those fight scenes on the roof with Liam. That’s what makes soap operas so fun!”


9. Also in 2019, Hope thought Thomas had perished when he fell into a vat of what?

Atkinson: “Acid, right?”

Correct. Technically, it was thought to be hydrofluoric
acid, but it was really cleaning fluid.

10. Who killed Thomas’s best friend, Vinny, in 2021?

Atkinson: “Well, everyone thought it was Liam who ran him down but it was Thomas who learned later that it was actually a suicide.”


FINAL SCORE: 8 out of 10.

Atkinson: “Wow, that’s pretty good. This was fun.”