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Self Education: Finola Hughes

1. What jewels did Anna fence during her introductory storyline?
a) The Hamburg Jewels
b) The Hamburger Jewels
c) The Hapsburg Jewels
d) The Harvard Jewels

Hughes: “Hmm. It’s either the first one or the third one. I’m going to say The Hapsburg Jewels.”


2. True or false: When Anna was infamously reunited with a kidnapped Robin in 1985 in the Asian Quarter, she arrived on the scene in a medical van driven by Frisco Jones.

Hughes: “Was Jack [Wagner, ex-Frisco] driving the van?! I thought Buzz was driving the van!”

And you would be correct! The answer is false, because the van was driven by Buzz Stryker.

3. Name the members of Anna’s bridal party for her 1987 wedding to Duke.

Hughes: “I’ve got to name them?! Okay. I’m going to say Kristina [Wagner], Felicia, and then …. Her real name was Robyn, and she was a singer, but I can’t think of her character name.”

Robyn Bernard, who played Terry. I’ll give you partial credit there.

Hughes: “And I imagine Kimberly [McCullough], Robin, was in the wedding party. And then I’m going to say Tiffany. Was there one more?”


Hughes: “Was she a policewoman?”


Hughes: “Well, I don’t think it was Jackie [Zeman, Bobbie]…. Was it Jackie?”

It was! We’ll give you 9/10 of a point.

4. In 1988, Anna was arrested for attempted murder. Who was she accused of attempting to off?

Hughes: “Olivia Jerome!”


5. All but one of the members of Anna’s bridal party from her wedding to Duke were also part of her wedding party when she remarried Robert in 1991. Who was missing?

Hughes: “Terry.”


6. Anna, who at the time was presumed dead, appeared as a ghost to Robin in 1995. Where did those scenes take place?
a) Kelly’s
b) The nurses’ hub
c) The Quartermaine mansion
d) Sonny’s penthouse

Hughes: “Sonny’s penthouse.”


7. Who was the first man Anna had sex with after Duke’s 2015 murder?

Hughes: “Luke.”

Incorrect. She was intimate with Luke back in 2012, before Duke returned from the dead … only to then die for real. Want to guess again?

Hughes: “Oh, oh — it was someone who came in for a short period, yes? I can’t remember his full name, but it was McCouch.”
The correct answer is Kyle Sloane, who was played by Grayson McCouch. We’ll give you a quarter of a point.

8. What is the name of the blood disorder Anna was diagnosed with in 2017?

Hughes: “Oh, no. If you hadn’t asked me, I would know it, but now I can’t remember! I know I get phlebotomies for it!”

Well, because I can hear the genuine anguish in your voice, you get a clue: It starts with a P.

Hughes: “Poly! Poly … Poly … and then there’s a word after it. Hold on, hold on. Polycy … Polycthemia? Polycythemia! Polycythemia vera.”

Correct! That was impressive.

Hughes: “Well, you had to give me the first letter. It was by the skin of my pants!”

9. Where did Finn propose to Anna?

Hughes: “In Anna’s living room.”

Incorrect; it was at the 2019 Nurses’ Ball.

Hughes: “Ahhhh! Of course! He proposed on the stage.”

10. True or false: The Latin WSB motto Aperi Oculos Tuos translates to, “Open your eyes.”

Hughes: “Sure. True.”