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The Scorpio Queen Page 3

1992: A troubled Felicia left Frisco and returned to P.C. with Maxie, but she was attacked by a mystery man, who shoved a cloth over her face before anyone knew she was back. Felicia passed out and woke up with amnesia — remembering only that Maxie was her daughter. Mac rehired Felicia as a bartender at The Outback and began to fall for her. Meanwhile, Dr. Ryan Chamberlain arrived from Texas, where, under the name of Todd Wilson, he’d fallen for Felicia. Ryan caused Felicia’s amnesia because she had witnessed him murder a woman. Felicia and Ryan began dating, although Mac was suspicious of the pediatrician. During a romantic weekend getaway, Felicia’s memory came back. Ryan went ballistic, and Felicia was forced to stab him in self-defense. Mac showed up at the cabin when Felicia didn’t return home for Maxie’s birthday and saw her standing over Ryan’s body. Felicia was charged with attempted murder, and Ryan fooled everybody into believing that she was guilty.1993: Felicia was found guilty of attempting to murder Ryan and was sent to the state mental hospital for five to 15 years. Mac helped Felicia escape. While on the run, they delved into Ryan’s past and discovered that he was a serial killer. Mac helped Felicia gaslight Ryan into confessing: She faked her death and, as a “ghost,” lured Ryan into admitting that he had murdered five women. Unfortunately, Ryan realized that Felicia was alive when she cut herself and started to bleed. Mac saved Felicia from Ryan’s wrath, but the psycho got away and kidnapped Maxie. After a showdown in Texas, Mac finally grabbed Ryan and reunited Felicia and Maxie. Felicia and Mac got engaged, but Mac worried when Ryan’s identical twin, Kevin, moved to Port Charles.1994: As Felicia and Mac prepared for their wedding, Ryan knocked out his visiting brother and traded places. Ryan was determined to prevent Felicia from marrying Mac, so he showed up at the church wearing a bomb. Ryan was captured, but Mac was injured in the process, so the ceremony never took place. He and Felicia had to postpone their wedding yet again when Maxie developed a fatal heart condition and needed a transplant. Mac found Frisco and brought him to Maxie’s bedside. Luckily, a donor for her was located … sadly, it was her dying cousin, B.J. Maxie was saved, and Frisco and Felicia celebrated and mourned by sharing a night of passion. Felicia called off her engagement to Mac, but Frisco went back to his true love, the WSB.1995: Felicia learned that she was expecting Frisco’s child. While at the opening of Luke’s Club, she went into labor and gave birth underneath a table! Felicia named the baby girl Georgie, which Maxie had suggested. Later that year, her old friend Tom returned and moved into the Brownstone. Felicia helped him deal with the realization that he had lost his wife to another man. Their friendship turned to romance, and the duo shared a steamy love affair.

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