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Say It Forward Page 2

Brooke Logan: “I will try to figure out who owns BeLieF because that little plot gem got dropped and we need to find out if I should be getting, like, a bazillion dollars from Nick!”
Phoebe Forrester: “To look more beautiful than my sister, Steffy.”

Clarke Garrison: “To finally have my name on a label and not just on my boxer briefs. Thanks, Mom!”

Ridge Forrester: “To marry Brooke and not change my mind the following month. Hey, Doc … looking good!”Dr. Taylor Hayes: “I will try and make amends with Alexandria. I know it’s asking a lot of her to forgive me for that killing-her-mommy thing, so I need to make a grand gesture; something she’ll love. I know! I’ll get Prince Omar to create a Darla doll and I’ll give it to Aly. Wait. I’ll surprise her by putting it in her bed so when she pulls down the covers … oh, wow … this pinot grigio goes down sm-m-m-o-o-o-oth….”Donna Logan: “To prove to the Forresters that I also have brains and not just this killer bod. Aw, crap, is that a wrinkle? Botox!”Nick Marone: “To forget that my mother was a prostitute. Oh, God, if I could only get those images out of my mind! Stop it! Go away! The headaches! Searing white pain! Sex is bad! Sex is evil! Must … think … of … something … else … Stephanie … Stephanie … a-a-a-h-h-h … relief … okay, that’s better … now, where was I?”

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