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Say It Forward

Jacqueline Payne Marone: “I will drop the phony British accent and adopt something more fun. Maybe a Southern belle … or a Boston taxi driver. ‘Hey, Steph! I’m gonna pahk my cah on your ass!’ Yeah, I kinda like the sound of that.”Thomas Forrester: “Since my off-camera sister, Steffy, is mentioned on-air more than I’m seen, I will try to get invited to more family get-togethers, business meetings and fashion shows.”

Shane McGrath: “I vow not to wear any facial hair in 2007 just because pretty boys like me shouldn’t. Oh, and no more sleeping on beaches, stealing sandwiches or stalking teenage girls. And if I can’t duck when a blind fireman is swinging a baseball bat then I deserve to get hit.”Storm Logan: “As the big Logan brother, I will try to look older than my sister Brooke.” Sally Spectra: “Since the Forresters have been so good to me, I will try really, really hard to break that deal with Nick to secretly give him Ridge and Eric’s newest designs.”Stephanie Forrester: “In 2007, I will tell my family that Ridge’s first wife, Caroline, is still alive and that Macy is still on life support and yeah, that’s Darla hooked up next to her and, okay, my maid Helen is really cleaning the Douglas family compound in Florida (she was going to be deported anyway) and well, maybe I did stash my s.o.b. daddy in that dumpy retirement home (tee-hee) and — how do I explain this one? — there’s a reason why they never found Jimmy Hoffa’s body….”Eric Forrester: “To grow bigger cajones than my wife.”Thorne Forrester: “To look in the mirror every day and say, ‘You are worthy, you are worthy, you are worthy … You are … an idiot! You drove Spectra into the poor house, lost 50 mil and jacked up the national unemployment rate! No wonder nobody loves you! You’re the laughing stock of the fashion industry! Okay, deep breath … You are worthy, you are worthy, you are worthy….’ “Felicia Forrester: “I will not cut my hair for all of 2007 and go by the name FiFi. Nah, that wouldn’t piss off my mom. Call me Whoopie … Whoopie Forrester.” Bridget Forrester: “I promise to give up on ever reconciling with Nick and just be friends … good friends … really good friends… Gee, I wonder what he’s doing right now? … What did he have for breakfast? … I was always after him to eat breakfast. … Did he even remember to stop for breakfast? … Hmmm … Maybe I should call and remind him….”Hector Ramirez: “Once my sight is miraculously restored, I will look for my son, Jimmy, who I seem to have misplaced quite awhile ago.”

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