Tune-In Alert!

Ron Carlivati’s Work Debuts On DAYS Today

Credit: ABC

Tune in or set your DVRs: The new storylines from Head Writer Ron Carlivati begin to air today, and you won’t want to miss them. “It’s strange how familiar it already feels in a few short months,” the scribe tells Digest. “The very first scene of my first episode is with John and Marlena. I wanted to start the first show with somebody iconic, a legacy character. I have John walking back into town and looking around the Horton Town Square like, ‘Wow, it’s good to be home.’ And it was like that was me walking into Salem: ‘Okay, I’m looking around, I think I’m going to like it here.’ ” As for what to expect, he enthuses, “A lot happens. There are big payoffs for the stories that have been set up, and there’s a lot of exciting stuff that I’m bringing into it. I try to make sure something with entertainment value happens every day, so I think if people tune in, they will have a good time.”