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Robert Scott Wilson Weighs In On His Favorite Sports Teams

Roots For: 
New England Patriots, Boston Celtics, Boston Red Sox, Boston Bruins

How did you become a fan of these teams and such a sports lover in general? “It was really just growing up around it, growing up in Massachusetts and New England in general. Sports are a religion over there. I was definitely a Patriots fan the most. They were always my number one, for sure. I was a big Celtics fan second, Red Sox fan number three, and Bruins fan below that. I root for them all.”

On a scale of one to 10, one being passive spectator and 10 being ultra-fanatic, how would you rate yourself as a fan? “For many years I would have said between an eight8 and a 10. I guess I’m somewhere in the middle now. I’ve actually let off the gas a little bit. Life kind of took over, and my boys [the Patriots] aren’t doing as good as they used to. When Tom [Brady] left, that was a big shock to the team. Now he’s just announced his retirement. This one feels a little more real. I think he had a crazy year, and life finally caught up with him. He’s had a moment to sit with himself and decide what was best.”

You don’t live in the New England area any more. Does that mean you’ve had to dole out a lot of money for sports packages over the years? “Oh, man, yeah. I had NFL Red Zone for a long time. Now you can stream games and catch them other places. There are more options.”

Do you own a lot of team clothing and memorabilia? “I’ve got shirts, hoodies, custom Tom Brady [jerseys] tucked away. I’ve got a bunch of New England gear. I’ve got a few Celtics jerseys. I usually wear them when I go to games.”

Do you have anything special that’s been signed or something you treasure the most? “One of my good friends gave me a special edition Jason Tatum jersey for the Celtics. I don’t think I would ever part with that. That one is pretty special to me.”

Have you ever had an experience like catching a foul ball at a baseball game? “I’ve never caught a foul ball, but I did have [a funny experience] at a hockey game out here. It wasn’t for my team. One of my good friends brought me to an L.A. Kings game. We were seated right behind the glass, right behind the penalty box. A puck shot over the top and hit me in the chest. It jolted me. I thought someone took a shot at me. I picked it up and the whole crowd went crazy. I gave it to my friend, because he was a fan.”

Do you have any all-time favorite players? “I’m still a Tom Brady fan through and through. He was religious to us in New England. I was a Big Papi fan, David Ortiz. He was a top-notch player with the Red Sox. I saw a lot of his games.”

Have there been any big games that you’ve gotten to attend in person and will never forget? “I got to attend Kobe Bryant’s last game at TD Garden, when the Lakers played Boston. I was back home, and it was the last game he played there before he retired. I got to experience that Lakers/Celtics rivalry firsthand. I’ve got videos of it. It was amazing.”

As a sports fan, are you superstitious? Will you do or wear things to bring your teams luck? “I’ll usually put on something. It’s usually a hat. I’ll put on my Red Sox hat, if I’m watching a game. I’ll throw on Celtics gear or Pats gear. Even if I’m by myself in most cases. You have to put the juju out there, you know?”

What was your most heartbreaking moment as a fan? “I’ve had a few, but I think the biggest one was in 2008. It was the year the Patriots went 18 and 0. We had a flawless season with Tom Brady and Randy Moss, my other favorite and [also a] legend. We ended up playing the New York Giants in the Super Bowl and lost. I remember being at the grocery store the next day in Massachusetts. There was a dark cloud over everybody. It was like a giant funeral, quiet and somber.”

Have you ever met someone on a team you were a fan of? “I still play paintball competitively. I have since I was a kid; I traveled around the country playing. Back during my senior year of high school, I decided to step away from it for a couple of months. At the time, we had a bunch of Celtics playing at the paintball field that I helped run, specifically the tournament field. It was when Ricky Davis was playing for the Celtics. He was asking the owner about certain guns. Long story short, I ended up selling him my personal gun. He paid me for it, and we kind of ‘bro-ed out’ and talked. I was ecstatic. Here I was selling it to a guy from one of my teams.”

Are there any other actors on DAYS who love and support any of the teams that you do? “Kristian Alfonso [Hope] was one, because she’s a Boston girl. We got to bond over that a little bit. She liked all the sports teams, but the Red Sox were a big one. We took pictures together after they won the World Series.”



Are there any co-stars who are fans of rival teams that you talk smack with at work? “Billy Flynn [Chad] and I go back for years talking smack. He doesn’t want to hear me talking s**t when the Patriots win. He’s a Minnesota guy, so he likes the Vikings. He’s for anybody outside of the Patriots. My boy Brandon Barash [Stefan] is a big Kansas City fan. He’s living the high life right now, because [the Chiefs] are killing it.”

What does it mean to you to be a fan? “For me it’s that pride of where you’re from, your roots. No matter what happens in life, I always try to remember my roots and be proud of them. I stick with my teams through the good times and the bad. I think that anybody who’s passionate about their team does that.”