Remington Hoffman (Li, DAYS) Chats About Joining The Show

Remington Hoffman, who appeared in the DOOL App series “Chad and Abby in Paris”, made his Salem debut last week as Li Shin. “My initial experience was that it was amazing,” enthuses the actor of the web series. “Honestly, I was super-impressed. I was super-surprised. I think I was a little nervous, too, because there’s this reputation that you only get one take and there’s a lot of pressure behind that…. They were super-welcoming to me and I really wasn’t expecting that. It’s such a cool group of family that they have.” Hoffman knew there was a possibility he could wind up on the broadcast show, but, “When I was working I wasn’t actually thinking about that,” he shares. “I thought, ‘Oh, that would be really cool if that happened,’ but I didn’t want to get my hopes up.” So when he got the call from his reps that Li Shin would be coming to Salem, “I was super-excited,” the actor recalls. “I had such a good time and a good experience the first time we shot that I was just looking forward to going back and I was hoping to work with the same actors again and meet new actors. I wanted to be able to really just soak it in more and understand more of what’s going on.” The first character Hoffman crosses paths with is Camila Banus’s Gabi. “I was surprised to work with someone new right away, but I was also happy because I felt like that shows the character’s story expanding,” he explains. “As soon as I read Gabi was on the script, I thought, ‘Oh, there’s a new character and hopefully there can be some kind of relationship there.’ The whole first day that I shot was pretty much with Camila. It was really cool working with her because she’s really free. She’s really unexpected, and that’s the best thing to be around. She has a lot of energy and she’s really focused.” As for what Li is doing in Salem, Hoffman teases, “There’s been some changes since what’s happened in Paris. Now he’s coming in to meet Gabi and to see Chad again. He’s going to have to make some big decisions for the future of DiMera Enterprises.” Hoffman’s run is recurring, but he would be open to a longer stay. “I’d definitely be interested in something like that also just because I really liked the experience of shooting it,” he sums up.