Remembering Jax’s Comings And Goings From GH

1996-2000: Dashing corporate raider Jax loved and lost Brenda, who he married in 1996 (it wasn’t valid; his first wife, Miranda, turned up alive) and was presumed dead in 1998, then got together with Chloe in 1999. But in August 2000, Stefan led Jax to believe that there was a chance Brenda was alive, so Jax broke up with Chloe and left town to try to find her.

2001-11: Jax returned the following August with Alexis’s surprise sister, Kristina, in tow. After failed marriages to Skye and Carly (not to mention another failed engagement to Brenda), and the happy addition of his daughter with Carly, Josslyn, Jax got into a contentious custody battle with Carly. At the peak of its ugliness, Jax faked his death in a plane crash in August 2011. He sneaked back into town soon after to check in on Josslyn, then slipped away again.

2012: In August of the following year, Jax arrived in Port Charles after getting word that Joss had been hospitalized. After trying to help bring his fugitive brother, Jerry, to justice, he and Carly filed for divorce, and he exited again in September.

2013: In April, Carly was surprised when Jax paid her a visit to inform her that due to a clerical error, their divorce paperwork hadn’t been finalized. For Jax, dissolving the marriage was an urgent matter, because he was engaged to Brenda yet again! However, Jax soon dumped Brenda over her lingering feelings for Sonny and headed back overseas.

2016: Jax paid a visit to P.C. in August, imploring Carly to drop the search for Josslyn’s kidney donor. Harboring a secret, he went back to Australia. In November, he returned for Morgan’s funeral, then headed home to care for Lady Jane, his ailing mother.

2017: The sad news of Lady Jane’s passing brought Jax back to town in April. He had sex with Carly, who was reeling from the false belief that Sonny had slept with Nelle, and Jax confessed to having illegally procured Nelle’s kidney for Joss from Frank Benson. Sonny had Jax deported to Australia. In May 2019, he arrived back in town and announced that he’d be staying for a while.