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Record This: Your Handy Guide to The Week of May 13

Bold and Beautiful

On Monday, May 13, backed into a corner, Steffy delivers an ultimatum to Finn…. Brooke lays into Zende for betraying his cousin R.J. on Tuesday, May 14 while Luna faces another difficult situation concerning R.J. and Zende… On Wednesday, May 15, Liam worries that Deacon’s joy over Sheila poses a threat to Steffy and Poppy inserts herself into Luna’s woes.… Liam argues that Finn is not supporting Steffy as he should on Thursday, May 16 while R.J. and Luna decide their future. On Friday, May 17, news breaks that Deacon and Sheila are engaged as Hope expresses her frustration that Steffy encouraged Thomas and Douglas to leave Los Angeles. Also, Finn grapples with the weight of his situation with Steffy and Sheila.

Days of our Lives

Arianne Zucker, Greg Vaughan


On Monday, May 13, Eric and Nicole (both above) have an unexpected encounter with Leo while Kristen questions Ava about the murders of Li and Gil… Tate wonders why Holly has been avoiding his texts on Tuesday, May 14, and Marlena questions Brady’s feelings for Kristen… On Wednesday, May 15, Chad discovers Abigail’s journal… John and Marlena discuss the distribution of Victor’s wealth with concern over Konstantin’s reaction on Thursday, May 16, while Xander orchestrates a scavenger hunt for Sarah. On Friday, May 17, after failing to get EJ to reopen Li Shin’s murder case, Stefan seeks out Paulina for help and Steve confronts Ava about what she knows about Clyde’s whereabouts.

General Hospital

Steve Burton

On Monday, May 13, Anna warns Carly; Nina and Willow have a warm moment; Jordan has some unsettling news; Gregory encourages Tracy to attend the rehearsal dinner; and Michael and Sasha reconnect… Anna goes on a date with Valentin on Tuesday, May 14, as Gregory and Alexis give each other good advice; Danny has a request for Jason (above); Drew receives a business proposition; and Nina draws a new boundary with Ava…It’s Brook Lynn and Chase wedding day on Wednesday, May 15, as Tracy gives the bride something that used to be Lila’s; Jason surprises everyone; Kristina and Blaze are taken aback; and Josslyn meets Gio, Brook Lynn’s cousin and a talented violinist… The wedding continues on Thursday, May 16, as Gregory struggles a bit during the ceremony; and friends and family gather at the Metro Court, ready to celebrate the happy couple…Brook Lynn and Chase’s wedding festivities continue on Friday, May 17, when Sam ropes Spinelli into a scheme to help Jason; Finn grapples with his concern for Gregory; and Kristina witnesses another side of her father.

Young And Restless

Eileen Davidson

Howard Wise/

On Monday, May 13, Christine and Danny start a new chapter; Devon and Nate strategize about an exit plan for Billy; and Adam comforts Chelsea…. Lily receives shocking news from Jill on TuesdayMay 14, while Daniel swallows his pride, and Audra questions Tucker’s loyalty…. On Wednesday, May 15, Ashley (above) devises a dangerous plan; Sally finds herself at a crossroads; and Tucker proves himself to Devon…. Phyllis’s plan to support Daniel backfires on Thursday, May 16, as Audra makes a power move, and Abby’s loyalty is tested…. On Friday, May 17, Victor’s revenge plot against Jordan takes a dangerous turn; Nick confides in Phyllis; and Kyle vetoes Summer’s decision about Claire.