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Emmy Preview!

Race To The Emmys - Outstanding Supporting Actress

Kate Mansi

Stacy Haiduk (ex-Patty, Y&R)


How do you feel about your first Emmy nomination?

“It’s so thrilling and such an honor to be a part of this. I was really hoping to be nominated one year.”
Who did you tell first about your nom?

“My daughter was with me when I found out, so I told my husband next and he was elated.”
What scenes did you submit?

“I really wanted to give more of an arc of Patty because a lot of the times, she’s doing her freak-out stuff. So, I went back to the beginning of 2016, when Patty had been found wandering around homeless after she escaped the big fire. That was the scene in the police station with her brother, when Paul had to bring her back to a mental institution and she didn’t want to go. There was that freak-out and I wanted to balance that out with something else, so I next went to the scene where Patty was taken to another hospital. That was when she was in handcuffs but being playful with Sharon and Dylan, and then after that there was another freak-out scene. I put them all together to tell a kind of story. I love playing Patty, I do. It’s one of those roles that I hope continues and I get to have another journey with her. It’s always a pleasure to be on that show.”
Will you be taking hubby as your plus-one? “I haven’t decided yet. It will either be him or my agent, who’s been a longtime part of this process, as well.”
What will the Emmy-nominated Stacy Haiduk be wearing at the ceremony?

“I’m in the process of shopping. I always love the vintage look, so we’ll see what happens!”

Anna Maria Horsford (Vivienne, B&B)

Anna Maria Horsford


Were you expecting this nomination?

“No! I felt very proud when I heard about it but I had taken any expectations off. There were dozens of submissions, and I couldn’t go in the Guest Star category again, so the show said to go in Supporting. I have to tell you, I dreamt of my mother [the night before the announcement]. Now, my mother was a fan of every soap opera in the world and I dreamt about her and she said, ‘I’m going to come along with you,’ so I know she’s somewhere looking down and going, ‘Go, Anna!’ She may have had something to do with it.”

What do you think of the competition? “Most of the women in this category have been on soaps for a long time, so I am honored and humbled to be included alongside them. I’m just glad I’m still working, to tell you the truth [laughs]. This is just outstanding.”

What scenes did you submit?

“When Vivienne found out that Sasha was Julius’s daughter. I think it showed the progression of her going from not knowing to not believing to finally being convinced. Vivienne didn’t know what was going on and everybody else knew about this secret but her. That really hurt her. It was written so well in terms of her life flashing before her eyes, and of all the sacrifices this woman made to keep her husband’s ego in check, including giving up on her daughter [Maya] — and this was how she was rewarded for her loyalty to him? I think a lot of women could relate to Vivienne regarding that, which is what made it so beautiful to play. I’m very blessed.”

Finola Hughes (Anna, GH)


What was your thinking with regard to submitting yourself in Supporting this year?

“I was fine not doing anything, but Frank [Valentini] said, ‘No, we want you to enter.’ I said, ‘Okay, but I don’t want to do Lead Actress, because I don’t want to do it at all.’ So it was sort of like this weird compromise, where I was like, ‘Okay, if you really want to [submit me], go ahead.’ ”

Did you weigh in on your reel at all?

“Poor Michelle [Henry], our wonderful producer. I still owe her a bottle of wine. She said, ‘You have to come to the office and look at these scenes.’ Kin Shriner [Scott] was in the hallway and I said, ‘Kin, you have to come with me. I can’t do this.’ He said, ‘All right, let’s go!’ He sat there and basically said, ‘This, this and this. Not this, it’s fluff.’ He’s known me 30 years and doesn’t mince his words, which is great. So, it was basically all Kin, and when the lovely results came through, I got a text from him which basically said, ‘You’re welcome.’ So there you have it [laughs].”

Were you pleased to see your name on the list?

“Oh, I was thrilled. We all work very hard and it’s extremely lovely to be nominated.”

What are you looking forward to about Emmy night?

“It’s really fun being at the table, seeing the speeches, hanging out with friends and seeing people I haven’t seen in a year.”
Do you get nervous when it’s time for your category? “I’m generally in a state of heightened anxiety, yeah. From soup to nuts.”

Kate Mansi (ex-Abigail, DAYS)

Northbirch Productions

What does it feel like to just have your first nomination?

“Amazing! My 14-year-old self is stoked right now.”

What do you know about the other actresses in your category?

“I remember watching Stacy Haiduk’s submission twice because I was  really moved by her work. I was first drawn to it because it was another character that was struggling with mental difference, so I thought that that was really cool and I wanted to watch and learn more.”

Any thoughts about what you’re going to wear?

“My sister’s wedding is in Seattle the day before, so I might show up Sunday with my bridesmaid’s dress? I don’t know. We’ll see. Hopefully something fabulous.”

What are you most looking forward to on Emmy night?

“The Emmys are always such a fun time, but I feel so lucky to be included one extra time this year. It kind of feels like I’m going back to prom. I can’t wait to see everyone!”

How did you feel to see Billy Flynn also nominated? “I’m very happy for him. I was nominated because of my work with him and with Rob Wilson [ex-Ben], so I’m very, very grateful to both of them, and really happy to see Billy get recognized for his good work.”
Who are you going to bring?

“I think I’ll bring my boyfriend, Blake. My 90-year-old grandmother basically is the reason I’m an actor. She paid for my acting class secretly while I was at college at Pepperdine University. She is a really big influence in my life, and I wish so badly I could take her but I can’t, so I’ll probably end up FaceTiming her or something.”

Kelly Sullivan (ex-Sage, Y&R)


What scenes did you offer for consideration?

“I was lucky that I had a couple of solid months before Sage died, some really meaty, emotional stuff. Toward the end, the big bomb was dropped when Sage realized that Sully is really her baby. So, I submitted the scenes where she confronted Sharon, who had been deceiving Sage in a big way. Of course, Sage had to run off to tell Nick first and that’s when she drove off the road and hit a tree. But it turned out to be great for me because those were powerful scenes.”

How did you decide what to submit?

“I remember when I first got the script, it terrified me, because I didn’t know if I could pull it off. I wanted to do this huge story justice because we had been in it for a year and the audience deserved a payoff, but I didn’t have faith that I could do it. I was actually shaking when I was walking to the stage and God bless Sharon Case [Sharon]. I told her how I was feeling and she said, ‘Let’s do it.’ She’s the epitome of a pro. She stayed in that scene with me and never left. She really brought it. When we were done, I was exhausted. I hugged Sharon and said, ‘I can’t thank you enough.’ My respect for her really intensified.”

Now you have to decide what you’re going to wear to the awards show. Any ideas yet?

“When I go to these kinds of events, I always want to channel Sharon Stone. I have an amazing stylist who I work with, so I just basically call him and say, ‘Hi, it’s me again.’ But it’s those damn heels that get me. Why can’t there be Memory Foam heels? Somebody needs to invent those.”