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Quiz Show: Nadia Bjorlin

We put Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe, DAYS) to the trivia test to find out how well she knows her character.

Digest: What was Chloe’s original birthday — and what was it later changed to?

Bjorlin: “I want to say the original birthday was Halloween and then I do not know what they changed it to! I do not remember that part.”

Incorrect; the original birthday was September 29, which was later changed to August 20.

(“What?! I swear it was around Halloween and it was part of the whole Ghoul Girl thing. Oh well.”)

Digest: Which of the following cities did Chloe not relocate to sing in? a) Vienna c) Paris b) Kansas City d) Chicago

Bjorlin: “Paris!”


Digest: Where did Nancy and Chloe meet for the first time?

Bjorlin: “At the orphanage.”


Digest: True or false: Chloe told Belle that Andrew Lloyd Webber was her father when they first met?

Bjorlin: “Oh, my gosh. I’m going to say false.”

Correct; she told Belle it was Stephen Sondheim.

Digest: What was the name of the website Mimi and Jan created?

Bjorlin: “Oh, what was it? It was a really embarrassing name — I remember, at least at the time, being like, ‘Oh, my gosh.’ I have to get this. It was, like, or something?”


Digest: What is Chloe’s sister’s name and why was she brought into the world?

Bjorlin: “Her name is Joy and she was brought into the world to help cure Chloe of her leukemia. We needed her bone marrow.”


Digest: Why did Chloe fake her death?

Bjorlin: “Because I got that flesh-eating bacteria on my face that Nicole gave me and I thought I was hideous so I hid in the attic of a church like Phantom of the Opera for a year? I mean, that’s probably one of my least favorite stories, because I had to put that prosthetic on my face.”

Semi-correct; Chloe’s face was scarred in a car accident, not by a flesh-eating bacteria. However, when she was poised to undergo reconstructive surgery, Nicole delayed the restoration of her appearance by tainting the surgical instruments with bacteria and Chloe played dead a while longer. We’ll award half a point.

Digest: Name Chloe’s husbands and the order of her marriages.

Bjorlin: “Brady … Lucas … and Daniel.”


Digest: Who forced Chloe into prostitution?

Bjorlin: “Vivian Alamain’s son. What was his name? Bren Foster was the actor’s name but I can’t remember the character’s name. Was it Owen?”

Incorrect; it was Quinn. But we’ll give a half point for knowing his relationship to Viv and the name of his portrayer and bring it up to a full point if you can answer this bonus question: What was her hooker name?

Bjorlin: “I had a hooker name?! I try to block some of this out of my memory. PTSD!”

Incorrect; it was Lola.

Digest: Who was the Mexican mobster who held Chloe captive?

Bjorlin: “Um, um, um — El Fideo!”


Final Score: 7.5 out of 10. “I’m kind of surprised I did so well. I do have a pretty good memory, but sometimes you see clips of stuff and you’re like, ‘I don’t remember doing that at all.’ And then other things really stand out in your mind. I’m impressed that it’s all being retained in there years later!”