Quick Take With Tyler Johnson

Now that Theo has been fired from Jabot, do you think he’s down for the count or is he determined to make a comeback? “Theo doesn’t know the word ‘quit’. He’s a survivor and innovator, ambitious and determined to reach the top. I admire his tenacity. There’s no self-pity in Theo; he digs his own graves, then finds a way to climb out of them. His next move is always bigger than his last.”

Why did he so easily take the bait of stealing “Kyle’s” pitch? “Theo let his insecurities get the best of him. It’s difficult to admit, but he needed Lola, and something about her leaving triggered his deepest insecurities, and he resorted to the ‘anything goes’ mentality that served him up to this point. He felt like the chips were stacked against him and he needed a card in his favor.”

Do you think being jettisoned from Jabot has compelled Theo to rethink his ongoing conflict with Kyle? “I don’t think Theo is done with Kyle. Or Jack. He has even more to prove at this point. This lit a fire under him and raises the stakes; this is about family, honor and accomplishment, and Theo’s setback only hardens his resolve.”

How did it make Theo feel to disappoint Jack, who’s always been in his corner? Does Theo want to prove himself again to his uncle? “This one hurts. This one hits deep. Theo looks up to Jack. He’s a mentor, a father figure, but most importantly, a man who gave Theo a chance. Disappointing Jack was never the plan, and Theo would go to the ends of the earth to earn back his respect.”

At this point, how does Theo feel about his position in the Abbott family? “He’s an outcast. But he’s got Dina. They have something special. They have a kinship. It’s largely unspoken, but it’s there. A deep respect and admiration for a woman who has accomplished so much.”

Are you excited about what’s next for Theo? Do you think he’ll reinvent himself? “Theo will find a way to make his razzle and his dazzle work for him. Theo is theatric by nature, and I don’t see him toning down anytime soon; now that his back is against the wall, I can only imagine more. He knows how to make something out of nothing and he’s been in this position before!”

What are his intentions for Lola? Does he really want to give a relationship with her a shot? What makes them a viable couple? “Theo has fallen for Lola in spite of himself. Whether he’s able to transcend his own demons in order to have a relationship with her, we will have to see. But I know she brings the best out of him — all the softness, the authenticity — and the best things in life.”