Quick Take With Mark Grossman

Well, it seemed only a matter of time until Adam landed in the mental ward, don’t you think? “Very true [laughs].”

What’s it been like to play Adam this extreme? “It’s been a lot of fun; really juicy stuff with his internal struggle. I feel like I might lean in a little too dark at times, but that’s in part with how fast we have to shoot. If Adam is going to the loony bin then I have to justify how he would get there, so it’s always tricky if I’m taking this too far. I feel that’s the danger with this stuff, that it could fall into caricature land. The hard thing is keeping this grounded in reality and making it as real as I can.”

Why is Adam so damn anti-Victor now? “It goes back to Victor covering up Adam’s part in A.J.’s death instead of helping to deal with what he did. That was such a huge thing that Victor kept from Adam for his entire life and he feels a very deep sense of betrayal.”

And they haven’t been getting along for quite a while anyway. “Their relationship has always been that push and pull, and butting heads. Whether he wants to admit it or not, deep down Adam wants to be loved by his family, but anytime Victor does anything, Adam is always suspicious of it and wants to know what’s really behind it.”

Do you see any silver lining to Adam being committed? “I hope there’ll be some redemption on the other side of this. What I do like is that people are always saying that Adam is a sociopath, but sociopaths don’t have a conscience and this shows that he does have one.”

How do you like working with the actor who is playing young Adam? “I love working with Dane [West]. He’s great. I remember when he was first brought in for the flashback stuff and he was yelling at A.J. I was really impressed, so I’m glad they brought him in for the two Adams arguing with each other. I think that’s been really good stuff.”

Those are intense scenes with you doing a lot of yelling at him. Have you convinced Dane that you’re not as crazy as your character? “[Laughs] I try to because working with Judah [Mackey, Connor], we had so much fun together. We would kick a soccer ball or throw a football before we would shoot a scene. We were always goofing around. Of course, that was before Covid, so we can’t get too close anymore, so we have to be super-careful. But Dane takes this work very seriously, so it’s a different vibe. When he comes in, he’s completely prepared, so we don’t get to play around too much because we want to do our best. Every time he comes in, I get to know him a little more and I’ve talked to his mom.”

Alyvia Alyn Lind got to scream at you recently when Faith let off some steam at Adam. You don’t get many scenes with her, so what was that like? “I absolutely loved that. Aly and I had a quick scene when I first started, so the scene with her recently was really the first back-and-forth we’ve done. She’s awesome and so wise beyond her years. It’s crazy how she looks like she could be Sharon’s daughter.”