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Quick Take With Lauralee Bell

Well, the fate of Christine and Paul’s marriage is still up in the air even though they’re living in two different countries. Do you think Christine would rather be single than in limbo and perhaps find love with another man? “It would be very strange for her to start fresh with someone new. However, at the same time, it would also feel probably right because she’s at a different place in her life, but I definitely think it’s time for Chris to have some fun — whether or not that’s with Paul.”

If Christine does end up divorced, what do you think about a romance with her ex-husband the rock star, Danny? “I don’t know … maybe. I think that would be more likely than with someone new. I feel like Danny or Paul are her people, so maybe being back with Danny would make more sense. I loved when Michael Damian [Danny] came back recently and our characters had their ‘moments’. If they were to happen again, I would want it to be for a longer story.”

The Chris/Paul fans would certainly be upset but the Cricket/Danny fans would be thrilled. “Even though I feel like Christine had this intensity with Paul, I always go back to that you just don’t forget your first love. And Danny was her first love, so they still share something special that will always bond them together. Personally, I would love for Michael to come back.”

What kind of relationship can you see them having? “I think it should be a playful, reacquaintance kind of thing. That’s just something that I would personally be excited about because it would be scenes of fun and lightness and they would have so much to talk about.”

Do you see any challenges for Christine and Danny reuniting? “Well, it’s not easy to go back in time, but I think it’s interesting when it’s the same two people and it’s years later and they’ve both been on two separate journeys. If they have this second chance, will it even work? Is that connection still there? So it could be fun and I think Michael and I would be excited to play that.”

It’s almost a given that Danny’s ex-wife Phyllis wouldn’t be happy about him and Christine getting back together even though she’s long been over him. “I think even if she isn’t into him anymore, Phyllis would be focused on them because she loves to win. She would have to get involved in the situation in some way and maybe just for the sake of it, try and mess it up because that’s who she is and she never wants Cricket to be happy. So that dynamic would be definitely interesting, especially with Daniel in town. People forget that Christine is Daniel’s godmother and, for the most part, they’ve always gotten along, so there are a lot of ways this [story] could go.”