Quick Take With Kiara Barnes (Zoe, B&B)

How is Zoe recovering after being burned by Thomas? “She’s had some time to process but everything is still fresh. She’s had issues in the past with Xander, and then Thomas, regarding truly trusting someone to be there and stay and commit. But she understands that she has her own faults, too.”

Speaking of, where is Xander? “He got stuck in the midst of [the Baby Beth drama]. Xander wanted Zoe to tell the truth but she was so busy trying to protect her father, things between them went downhill. I think, ultimately, what happened is he couldn’t take it anymore, and I believe his character went back to London. Obviously, Zoe and he did not last through that move.”

How did Zoe fall for Thomas’s act? “Zoe has what I call ‘Broken Bird Syndrome’, where she loves to look at someone’s potential. She’s all about potential with certain guys and seeing how she can help. Zoe knew Thomas had issues within his family and at the time, Thomas was literally her only friend after everything happened. He seemed to be there for her.”

Carter tried to warn her. “He did. Even though she was getting all these sweet words and advice from Carter, she was hesitant to fully trust that because she wanted to believe in what she was doing at the time, which was love Thomas. Again, ‘Broken Bird Syndrome’.”

Is Zoe ready to take a chance on romance with Carter? “I think so. She really just needs to let it all go, breathe it out and take it day by day. What she’s missing is a guy who’s willing to help her, as well, an equal partnership where it’s not all about fixing; it’s about coming together. Carter may just be the man to help her do that.”

Zoe and Hope are actually getting along now. “It’s refreshing to see that Hope has been accepting to hear Zoe out fully. When it all first happened, Zoe just kept trying to apologize, but it was so traumatic and so raw that it was hard to let that seep in. With time passing, and all the Thomas drama, they were able to connect. Their relationship is getting better. The fact that they can be in the same room and work together is a huge improvement. And it’s nice to see Zoe have a friend.”

What do you think of Zoe’s arc since your arrival in 2018? “It’s been great to play so many different highs and lows for a character and get into the head space of her past — coming from London to save her relationship; that relationship being rocky; then going through the baby drama and then all that blowing up; then having a moment of hope with Thomas, and having that blow up…. Enduring all that has matured Zoe. I’m hoping for good things for her in the future.”