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Quick Take With Jennifer Gareis

What was your initial reaction to this storyline with Eric? “I think it’s a great story. I love that it’s bringing it back to the business, which is what BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL was based on in the beginning. The power struggle between Eric and Ridge now is great. Eric founded this amazingly successful company and he handed over the reins and now he’s trying to take them back. It is such a strong story, and I love being a part of it and supporting him. He is the founder, and he should have his wishes.”

How do you like that the show has re-established Donna and Eric’s love connection? “I am thrilled! Donna has adored Eric, as the fans know, for gosh, we are working on decades now [laughs]. And, with what Eric is going through, Donna is definitely in it for love. Even when Quinn was around, Donna was not actively dating. She was still holding a candle for him and only him.”

What does Donna think of Eric’s upbeat performance with the family despite the trials he’s going through? “It’s actually funny how he can turn it on during his meetings. Here we are at home, he’s feeling weak and vulnerable, but when he walks through those doors at Forrester, he is completely strong. You would never know he was not feeling 100 percent. He is completely fooling Ridge and Carter and everybody else.”

Donna honored Eric’s wishes and has protected his secret but with his condition worsening, how does she feel now? “Donna is pretty strong but to carry this load by herself and be the only support system, well, along with R.J., it is pretty hard. It’s not a selfish thing, either. But, his children should know. To not tell your children just seems wrong, especially if something were to happen. If this was happening with my parents, I’d be very upset if they didn’t say something to me concerning their health. Donna thinks that being surrounded by love and support would make Eric feel better.”

What do you think of John McCook’s (Eric) performances through this story? “No one could play Eric better, and you just fall in love with Eric, and with John McCook, the way he does it. He’s funny. He is charming. He is talented in music and art. He brings so much of himself into the character. He can be touching, and then funny … He has so many layers. He is just fascinating to watch. I love working with John, and I think he is doing a wonderful job with this story.”