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Quick Take With Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

What did you think when you first heard the twist about Finn? “It was bittersweet news. On one hand, the drama of it all is fantastic! A shout-out to [Executive Producer/Head Writer] Brad [Bell] and the writing team on this one. It’s a fantastic twist. But it also means that a colleague, amazing screen partner and friend would be leaving.”

How did you feel about it signaling the end of the Steffy/Finn romance and an exit for Tanner Novlan (ex-Finn)? “I loved the Steffy and Finn romance. When Brad brought Tanner on board, everyone was excited that the Steffy, Liam and Hope triangle would take a break. And then my character got to marry a handsome doctor who was a good, moral person and we expanded our family. It was wonderful to play all those happy, angry and conflicted moments with the new characters, Finn, Jack, Li and of course, the re-emergence of Sheila.” 

What can you say about working with Tanner for the past year and a half or so? “Tanner is the absolute best. He’s an all-around great guy and we have so much in common. First and foremost, he’s a fellow Canadian. So that’s a win! But just so many other similarities — he was starting his family with Kayla [Ewell, ex-Caitlin, B&B] and I was starting mine with [husband] Elan, and as a screen partner he gave everything he had. It was a delight to work with him and I hope we get to work together again in the future.”

Story-wise, was Steffy surprised to see how escalated her argument with Sheila got? “Steffy’s a strong woman, and she’s on to Sheila. She knows Sheila is seriously psychotic. So, I think she knew what she was walking into.”

Could she ever have imagined Sheila could do this? “As much as Steffy was confident confronting Sheila, I don’t think she ever anticipated that Sheila would shoot her. I believe that Steffy felt that Sheila wouldn’t do physical harm to her because she wanted a relationship with Finn and Hayes so badly. Boy, was Steffy wrong!”

Where does the aftermath of Finn’s death leave Steffy? “That’s challenging because in the aftermath of Finn’s death, Steffy is laying in a hospital bed unconscious. The viewers know Sheila is responsible but Steffy’s family and friends think it was a random act of violence or a robbery gone wrong. And what will happen when Steffy wakes up? Or even if she wakes up?”

Can you tease anything about what’s ahead for her? “Let’s just say that there is another big twist coming up for Steffy that no one will see coming.”