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Quick Take with GH's Amanda Setton

Amanda Setton (Brook Lynn, GH) fills us in on the latest happenings in her character’s life.

Brook Lynn’s mom returned to town last week. Are you excited about getting to work opposite Rena Sofer as Lois? “Oh, my gosh, so excited. Lois is such a fun character with her red nails, and being a real Brooklyn, old neighborhood kind of gal. One of my favorite relationships to play on the show is between Brook Lynn and Ned, that father/daughter relationship with Wally [Kurth, Ned], so I’m excited to play the mother/daughter relationship with Rena as my mom. I think it’s going to create a lot of fun story, not just with Brook Lynn, but between Lois, Ned and Olivia. I’m excited to see where that goes.”

Brook Lynn is definitely in need of some love from her mother, because she’s just lost her best friend, Maxie. “Isn’t that awful? It’s so sad. I think that her friendship with Maxie has really surprised her. It was forged out of their whole scheme with Bailey Louise, and I think that whole maternal scheme transformed Brook Lynn and softened her and showed us a completely different side of her and a real friendship with Maxie grew out of that. Losing that is really painful to her. As an audience member, I have compassion for Brook Lynn. I’m not angry at her, but also, it sucks — she messed up! But hopefully, she can make it up to Maxie and they can get back to their Lucy and Ethel ways.”

Brook Lynn holds Tracy responsible for the fact that she’s in the doghouse with Maxie, since her grandmother blackmailed her into spying on Deception. What has it been like for you to get to work so closely with Jane Elliot (Tracy)? “It is just the best. I absolutely adore Jane Elliot. She’s one of my favorite people on the planet. We’ve gotten really close and she’s a force as an actor and just a beautiful person inside and out and so generous with her work and with her time as a friend. We’re having a blast! She’s really such a special person.”

It was nice to see Brook Lynn tell Chase the truth about the blackmail and actually learn from her mistakes. “I agree. She has that trust with Chase and doesn’t really have it with anyone else. She can’t trust her grandmother. Her father is not who he says he is [because he believes himself to be Eddie Maine]. She’s been fired from her job. She’s sort of in this transition time, but, you know, she’s still got her grandmother’s streak in her! She’s reformed, but she’s still Brook Lynn Quartermaine. So, we’ll see what our amazing writers cook up for her.”

On the career front, Brook Lynn is refocusing on music and has become Blaze’s manager. Are you happy that Jacqueline Grace Lopez (Blaze) is back on the canvas? “Of course! She’s amazing. We had so much fun working together before and I’m so excited to have her back.”

Lastly, how do you think Brook Lynn is ad-justing to once again bunking with Chase? “I think she is very communicative about the fact that she will be going back to the mansion often, which she has been doing. But ultimately, she really does want a life with this person and sees herself with Chase. I think to take the step of moving in together speaks to the change in Brook Lynn and how much she wants to be with him.”