Quick Take With Delon de Metz

What happens when Zende asks Paris to stay in L.A.? “That was a pretty dramatic scene, and I’m glad that the storyline is starting to heat up. My mom [an avid B&B fan] was like, ‘I know my son! When are you going to get all fiery and hit the table?’ and I’m like, ‘Mom, chill out. Calm down. Hang out. It’s coming.’ It’s been my favorite, so far, of my time on the show. It was a lot of fun shooting.”

How did you feel about the kissing scene? “I hope it turned out to be a power- ful moment, and that it sets the course for a few other dominoes falling — and then, they start falling quicker!”

What does Zende find appealing about Paris? “Zende and Paris had an attraction from the get-go, but what is it that [draws] him to Paris? Paris wants to save the world and sees justice in whatever capacity she can. It’s very refreshing for Zende, and it’s a very different note from what he is used to. That captures his eye.”

What about Zende’s feelings for Zoe? “Clearly, it is complicated because there are some feelings there for Zoe, and it becomes a delicate juggle. How do you sort out these complicated feelings, given the close proximity of the sisters — and then having Carter involved, his old friend? The dynamic is not a triangle. It’s a quadrangle, and there are all these different layers.”

When Zende kissed Paris, was it an honest kiss? Or was it maybe an effort to make Zoe jealous? “I think it was earnest. To be frank, I hadn’t really thought that or considered that, and playing it in the scenes, that thought never crossed my mind. I think, to Zende, that the chapter with Zoe was effectively closed when Paris came in. Of course, things get complicated, as they do on soaps [laughs], but it was not a jealousy factor. That is not what I was playing, and it’s not something I tried to inspire in Zoe. I think it’s really earnest in action between Zende and Paris, and it’s not something where I just want to run out the door because of all these other extenuating circumstances. It was genuine.”

So, what comes next with Zende caught between two sisters? “I have no idea, but I do think there may be some kind of domino effect.”