Quick Take With Courtney Hope

You have said before that Sally isn’t a ruthless schemer but a survivor. Are you still sticking to that defense even after what she did to Summer? “I still see her as a survivor! She doesn’t do anything to intentionally hurt other people. I mean, come on, she got Summer a better job.”

Anyone else would slink out of town after an epic beatdown like Sally got, so why is she determined to stay in Genoa City? “She just happened to find a home in Genoa City. I feel like this place is more her speed and since she walked away once, she wants to make it work this time, instead of running. Sally is getting a little older and hopefully more mature. Thankfully, the odds are in her favor to some degree this time, so she wants to work with the cards she’s been dealt.”

And, surprise, Sally got a job offer from Chloe. What was your reaction when you found out this would be her next chapter? “Oh, I was super-excited. I think it’s such a great idea and really fun. I think this is different for Sally to work with people who understand her, and know what it’s like to fall from grace and keep going. When I first read this, I first thought, ‘Maybe she’ll be a little less judged.’ ”

As far as being a town pariah, Sally couldn’t be in better company than with Chloe and Adam. “It’s what she needs. Whenever she did anything nice for anyone, it was like, ‘What do you really want?’ And if she did anything wrong, it was, ‘Oh, that’s Sally!’ Working at Newman Media, Sally feels like she can breathe a little because Chloe and Adam somewhat trust and understand her. Instead of always having to prove herself, she can do her job, which is what she’s really all about. Her work is everything to her.”

Do you think she’s got a fighting chance now that she’s back in the world of fashion? “Yes! Ultimately she wants to be a fashion designer, but anything connected to fashion is in her wheelhouse, so to have that opportunity again feels incredible to her.”

As soon as Lauren hired Sally, she was gunning for Summer’s job, but do you think that this time Sally is a little more grateful and won’t be so conniving? “Definitely. She’s been humbled a little bit. Coming from L.A., Sally was overconfident at JCV, but after being fired by Lauren, Sally has a little more humility, so she just wants to do a good job and see where that leads her.”

How do you like working with Elizabeth Hendrickson (Chloe) and Mark Grossman (Adam)? “I love Liz. She’s wonderful and her energy is great. I like our two characters together and they have a fun banter. I think Mark is a fantastic actor. I’m really excited for what the writers have in store for Sally and Adam, in whatever capacity that may be. They’re on the same level in a lot of ways and challenge each other. I think there’s a potential for some great story.”