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Quick Take With Conner Floyd (Chance, YOUNG AND RESTLESS)



The timing of Sharon breaking up with Chance couldn’t have been worse, because he was on the verge of telling her he loved her. “Yeah, he finally had a moment where he wanted to open up and talk about his feelings. I think that’s something that he’s kind of been getting used to after he went through therapy for the whole PTSD thing. He’s learning that it’s better to talk about how you feel and put it out there in the universe. He followed his training and got shot down, so that hurts. But he’s an adult and he gets it.”

Have you enjoyed getting to work more with Allison Lanier (Summer) and Sharon Case (Sharon)? “Working with Allison is amazing. She’s such a hard worker and really wants to find the fun moments of the scene. She is a great example of how dedicated the actors are on this show — she wants to rehearse, she wants to get on the same page and give the audience our best take. I’m really excited to watch our connection and chemistry grow as we continue to work together. Working with Sharon is amazing as well. To sit down, go through a scene and then do a few acting rounds with an Emmy-winning actress is a dream. That’s what I strive to be, so getting to learn from one of the Y&R greats is such a treat. Not only have I learned a lot from her, but we’ve gotten to know each other, and boy is she a delight. Always in a good mood, always game for a good laugh. She’ll cheer you up in a heartbeat if you’re having a bad day. She’s just an all-star of an actor and person.”

Do you think he’ll be happy with his decision to transition from cop to corporate suit? “I think the main reason he’s doing it is for his family — but I think deep down, he’s tired of getting shot, he’s tired of getting stabbed and he’s tired of getting blown up, so I think a change sounds kind of nice to him. He’s put his life on the line for the longest time and now I think he’s got to take care of the people he still has in his corner, for example, his mother. It’s gonna be different, but he’s up for a challenge. I think Chance is one of those guys where if he’s gonna try something, he’s gonna really go for it. He’s not gonna tread lightly. He’s gonna dive deep and shoot for greatness, and try to be the best at what he does. This corporate life is something that he’s pretty unfamiliar with and he’ll be challenged, but I think he’s up for something like that.”

How do you like working in the big business environment? “It’s fun. I love a good change and a new challenge. Bring it on! We’ve done the police work and the PTSD, marriage and divorce, and the dad stuff, so I think [the career change] is an exciting chapter, and a fresh take on Chance. I think it’ll be a whole new Chance who people haven’t seen before and I’m really excited about it.”

At Chancellor-Winters, Chance will be working with Devon, who broke up Chance’s marriage and is now living happily with Abby. How do you think that’ll go? “I’m really interested to explore that Devon and Abby relationship because I feel like that’s something that got brushed under the rug and we haven’t really seen in a long time. It’d be interesting to see if Chance is still a little salty about that. I think seeing these people daily and having to work with them will be another challenge for him to partake in.”

Chance will be seeing a lot more of his uncle Billy at Chancellor-Winters, as well. “I love Jason [Thompson, Billy]. We didn’t work a lot together prior to this, so it was mostly me out in the hall talking with Jason and catching up. I think he’s one of the coolest dudes out there, so it’ll be really fun to get on set with him, break down the scene, talk shop and learn from him the best I can.”

I’m sure you look forward to whenever Jess Walton (Jill) visits. “Oh, yeah, she’s always a sight for sore eyes. It’s always a pleasure to have her there. I’m always up for more scenes with the Chancellor family.”

What do you think about your new professional wardrobe as Chance as he goes from cop casual to more formal attire? “I love a good suit! I love any excuse to put on a nice suit, and they got me hooked up with great stuff, so I’m happy with it. Give me a double-breasted suit any day of the week and I will rock that sucker until it gets worn out. I’m pumped for the change.”

Allison Lanier, Conner Floyd

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Search Party: “She’s such a hard worker and really wants to find the fun moments of the scene,” says Floyd of co-star Allison Lanier (Summer).