Quick Take With Olivia Rose Keegan

Credit: JPI

What was your reaction when you heard about the sex tape story?

“One of my favorite parts of the show is just getting the scripts and reading them. I was super-excited that they were giving me this funky, fun storyline. I was also shocked, but mostly just excited to have the opportunity to work with the storyline.”

What effect has the aftermath of that incident had on Claire?

“It’s tricky, because Claire is kind of like the little girl who cried wolf. She has expressed her frustration that her music career is going nowhere. People mistake her intense passion for selfishness. When the tape happened, Claire’s family and friends automatically assumed Claire would be that girl to make a sex tape to further her career. She’s going to be dealing with trouble realizing that people think of her in that way.”

Why is it so important for Claire to make things right with Theo?

“Theo is super-honest and Claire needs that stability in her life, especially with her parents gone. He keeps her grounded. She’s also completely in love with him.”

What is Claire’s take on Jade?

“According to Jade, she has never felt the love of a parent or a friend. So she’s really broken and trying to fill that with odd things in really weird ways. Jade is a bad girl and she needs help.”

What is it like working more with Kristian Alfonso (Hope) and Deidre Hall (Marlena)?

“It is so fun working with Kristian. She’s a very energetic, bubbly person, so that translates and brings out the fun side in me. It’s also nice having the opportunity to learn from someone who has a history with the show. She’s a force. It brings out the best in me and everyone that she works with. Deidre is basically the same way. I enjoy learning from them.”