Peter Reckell Responds To Digest Fan Poll

Peter Reckell

Credit: JPI

Peter Reckell (ex-Bo, DAYS), who was the top pick in a recent Digest poll about who should return to soaps, has a message for his devoted fans about the results and his DAYS future: “Once again I am amazed and humbled by the passion, energy, and dedication of the DOOL family. And once again, I have to say how fortunate I have been to be part of the show, and to play such an amazing character,” he says. “This summer, I did some acting and it took me away from my family. As rewarding as the work was, being away from my family was torture. It showed me that I cannot be away from them for an extended period of time. As much energy and passion and time that I put in to my work on the show, I have that same passion and dedication to my family. Thanks to all who voted; I’m glad Bo remains in your memories as he does in mine. I miss him too. Love Peter.”