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PASSIONS Recaps Week of January 15, 2007

Friday, January 19, 2007
Miguel barged into the mansion and told Fox he knows about the lies he told
Kay. Migs asked Fox why Eve had no idea about his illness. Fox claimed he
didn’t want Kay to find out, so he went to another doctor. Fox told Miguel
to get out, but Migs got in his face and told him he knows he tricked Kay
into believing he made love to Charity. Miguel rubbed in Fox’s face that Kay
spent her wedding night with him, not her husband. Fox punched Miguel, which
started a brawl.

Kay rushed home to talk to Tabitha, but she was in bed. Simone came over to
comfort her shaken friend. Kay informed Simone that she made love to Miguel
on her wedding night to Fox. Simone scolded her friend for not even being
able to honor her vows for one night. Kay explained that Miguel found her
when she was at the park upset about her mother’s death, and they talked,
figured out Fox was lying about dying, then they made love. She pointed out
that Fox would have gone to Eve first before seeing a specialist. Kay said
Fox must have found out that she was going to dump him for Miguel, which
prompted him to lie. The new bride broke the news to Simone that she was
going to ask for an annulment. Simone was shocked and reminded her friend
that they saw Miguel and Charity having sex. Kay said she doesn’t think it
really happened because Miguel said it never happened. The doorbell rang,
and Kay opened the door. It was Charity!

Jared anxiously drove back to see his fiance. He recalled memories of fun
times with her. He imagined what will happen when he gets back to her
bed…. Gwen woke up in an empty bed. She called Ethan’s office and cell
phone and left messages…. A drugged Ethan made love to Theresa, who
thought she was having sex with Jared…. Gwen and Jared ran into each other
in the Crane mansion foyer. She told Jared she can’t find Ethan, so was
looking for him there, thinking he was there to see Theresa. They headed
upstairs and walked in on Theresa and Ethan having sex.

Luis told a sleeping Fancy that if she’s dreaming about a quarterback, he
hopes it’s him. He shut off the lights and made himself comfortable on the
couch in her room. The rapist emerged from the pile of stuffed animals and
headed toward the sleeping beauty. Fancy was dreaming that she was a
freshman cheerleader and Luis was a senior football player who she was
surprised was paying her any attention. The masked man drugged Luis by
putting a needle in his neck. Luis woke up in shock, but was quickly knocked
out. The guy tore off Luis’s necklace, ripped open his shirt and pulled out
a box of condoms. The man in black then woke up Fancy, who screamed. He covered her mouth.

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