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PASSIONS Recaps Week of Jan. 30, 2006

Friday, February 3, 2006
Theresa informed Fancy of her new powerful position at Crane. When Rebecca told Theresa to serve her grapefruit, Theresa smeared the citrus in her face. Mrs. Alistair was thrilled to inform Gwen’s mother that she is now in charge, and that she kept Ethan, Gwen and Jane from going to India. Once Becks walked away, Theresa assured Fancy she will not kick her out of the manse, but warned her step-granddaughter not to cross her. Alone, Fancy gave herself a pep talk about not letting Maya ruin her relationship with Noah.

Paloma tried to encourage Martin to get back together with Katherine, but he said that even though he loves Kat, he will renew his vows with Pilar.

A shirtless Noah checked in on Maya. She told him that she felt like she was in danger; that’s why she came to Harmony for his help. Maya felt bad that she has put Noah and Fancy at risk. She insisted that Noah not involve the police with their problem, and that the men who tried to kill her will murder Fancy if she knows what’s going on. While taking a shower, Maya screamed. Noah went in to help her because her back gave out. Just then, Fancy arrived. She overheard Maya and Noah in the shower and barged in.

Paloma, Pilar and Martin gathered at the Crane mansion. Theresa informed them that she is in charge of the Crane empire while Alistair is in a coma. She said they can live in the manse, have limos at their disposal, and anything else they want. Paloma was thrilled, however, Martin and Pilar declined her offer. Theresa told Paloma she can make her Fancy’s assistant in the fashion department of Crane Industries. Paloma recalled finding Al’s files in the Book Caf basement and then declined the job offer. A maid told Theresa she didn’t find any of Alistair’s secret files yet. Theresa told her sister that she still wants to be a family with Ethan and her children.

In Hawaii, Sheridan was confident she will soon find Marty. Chris fed Sheridan fresh pineapple. The couple went to the tax office to search for information on Otto, but learned that the place had caught fire. The firefighter informed them that it is most likely a case of arson.

At the B&B, Gwen and Ethan tried to figure out how to avoid letting Theresa destroy their life together. Ethan rushed off for a job interview. Gwen worried to her mother about Theresa finding the proof she needs to destroy them. Ethan returned with news that he got the job.

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