Parry Shen (Brad, GH) shares his top recommendations

Board Game: “Spot It! It’s such a simple concept of spotting a matching image between two cards, but because they are varied in size, it’s very difficult to spot the match quickly. Also very compact, so easy to travel with.”

YouTube Shows: “ONE BITE PIZZA REVIEWS. My mouth is always filled with so much saliva after each episode. I’ve also learned so much from Vanity Fair’s CAREER TIMELINE series, especially Ethan Hawke’s. Vogue’s 73 QUESTIONS is pretty cute — especially Saoirse Ronan’s — and any video about CONAN producer Jordan Schlansky from Team CoCo is a gut-buster.”

Show To Stream On Netflix: “NBC’s THE GOOD PLACE — so delightful, hilarious and deliciously charming. Manny Jacinto, who plays Jason, came up to me at a party and kinda fan-boy’d over a movie I did, Better Luck Tomorrow. Had I seen his show then, the tables would’ve definitely been turned!”

Show To Stream On Amazon Prime: “THE BOYS, an insanely scary concept of morally corrupt super-heroes.”

Autobiography: “I just finished Disney CEO Robert Iger’s autobiography, The Ride of A Lifetime, about how he expanded ABC/Disney by acquiring Pixar, LucasFilms, Marvel and Fox’s Film division. I transcribed so many quotes from that book into my journal regarding leadership and various aspects of business.”

Grocery Store Item: “I pretty much go through a bag of Sweet Maui Onion chips every week, and it doesn’t help that now Costco sells a bulk-sized bag! I discovered them with an actor on a movie set 15 years ago and we both agreed to keep to ourselves how good they were so that they wouldn’t get gobbled up by the cast and crew.”

Musicians: “Ed Sheeran is such a talented songwriter and one-man show. And I love the rasp of Halsey’s voice. When she’s doing a duet, I’m always saying in my head to the other singer, ‘Just hurry up so she can get to her part!’ ”

Exercise Equipment: “Not only do my Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves have plenty of padding and wrist support to prevent me from injuring myself, they also look gorgeous!”

Comedian: “I’ve always loved how well-structured Gary Gulman’s storytelling is in his bit about how states got their abbreviations. It’s crafted so differently from conventional joke telling — check it out, he did it on CONAN.”