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OLTL Recaps Week of January 15, 2007

Friday, January 19, 2007
Jessica was surprised when she went to greet Antonio in the steam room and
it turned out to be a naked Nash. He teased her, but she wouldn’t have it.
“I hate you!” she finally screamed as he badgered her. He informed her that
she’s staying there with him for as long as it takes for her to stop hating
him. Jess amended that she doesn’t hate him and does in fact, have feelings
for him.

Bo watched the tape of Aaron and Vincent’s press conference, where they
spoke out against the police force. Bo lectured the cops that the subsequent
overload of calls coming in slowed down their response time. Antonio and
Evangeline worried about Cristian, but Bo urged them to step aside in order
to let the bad press settle. Meantime, Cris argued with Talia in his loft.
He then came down to the station and learned that his brother and girlfriend
are off the case, due to the conflict of interest. He was prepared to fight
back, but they told him to keep his cool. Vangie privately worried that Cris
really was guilty for starting the fires. Later, Cris was furious when his
loft was searched. Talia found blueprints of Vincent’s burned down

Paige and Lindsay chatted as they dined at the Palace. Paige patiently
listened to Lindsay vent when Lindsay mentioned that she broke up with R.J.
Bo interrupted them and was concerned when Paige filled him in on Lindsay’s
troubles. Lindsay sadly called her gallery phone and changed the message
which had included both her and R.J.’s names. Bo was happy when Paige said
she wanted to be Lindsay’s friend, but warned her that Linds can be “high
maintenance.” When Paige was suddenly called to the hospital, she suggested
Bo join Lindsay instead.

After Todd proposed to Blair, she examined the ring and remarked that it was
the same one he gave her before. “I want to get it right this time,” he
stated. “I can’t,” Blair told him. Todd assumed it was too soon. Blair was
upset that he already told Starr he was planning to propose and explained
that they’re over for good. Todd thought things could be different between
them, but she believed that they’re miserable together. “I dare you to tell
me you don’t love me,” he challenged. He then stated that the kids would be
better with them together, but Blair argued that they’ll also be happier if
she and Todd are apart.

At the hospital, Rex continued to wheedle the guard into letting him into
Spencer’s room. In his room, Spencer continued to “speak” with Blair, who he
imagined was in the room with him. Rex managed to get in and found Truman
talking to himself. Balsom revealed that he wants to destroy any hope Todd
has of finding his son. Spencer imagined Blair telling him that she’ll never
forgive Todd for making her lose her baby. In real life, Rex asked Spencer
if he can help him get proof that Todd’s baby with Margaret is dead. Spencer
agreed to do it. Rex was perturbed when Truman mentioned “Tommy.”

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