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OLTL Recaps Week of Jan. 30, 2006

Friday, February 3, 2006
Dorian checked on Blair and saw that Spencer was already at the penthouse offering to serve breakfast. Blair admitted Spencer spent the night. Dorian told Blair to be careful and left her alone. Spencer popped out and said Dorian seems incapable of understanding that a man and a woman can be friends. Blair replied, “I think of you as more than just a friend.”

Evangeline called Blair to say that Todd needs her to be at the sentencing hearing. Blair said she’d go. As she prepared to go to the sentencing, she looked at a photo of Todd and told Spencer that she never suspected that Todd was a murderer. “I guess that’s how he gets away with it,” she said. “Murderers don’t always look like murderers.” Spencer quickly flashed back to his dealings with Margaret before saying, “You’re right.”

Spencer escorted Blair to the courtroom, but before he went inside he received a call and told Blair he had to go to the hospital. Blair went in alone to listen to Hugh and Evangeline call family members to the stand. First was Margaret’s sister, who gave a weepy speech about how she lost her only sibling and nephew. “How is it fair that he gets to live?” she cried to the jury. Hugh followed up by saying that the jury should recommend death by lethal injection. Evangeline said that Todd can offer something to society even from prison. She also mentioned that killing him would punish his children. The judge then asked Todd if he wanted to say something. Todd turned around, looked straight at Blair and calmly said, “I’m innocent.”

The jury sentenced Todd to death.

Moments later, we saw Spencer in an abandoned cabin where Margaret sat rocking, holding her pregnant belly. “It’s time,” she told him.

Tess had a dream that Nash told her he was in love with Jessica. She woke up and tried to go outside but then realized she and Niki were snowed in. Niki said that she wants a permanent life and Tess said she does as well. Niki suggested going back to Llanview, pretending they are Jessica and Viki long enough for them to empty the bank accounts, and then running off. Niki said in order for them to ward off Jessica and Viki, Tess should reveal the secret of why she exists. Niki said all she remembered was arriving at the bar “that night” and seeing Tess/Jessica talking to “some guy.” Tess clammed up suddenly and refused to talk about it any more.

Bo, Clint, Natalie, Antonio and Nash waited around Llanview strategizing how they would search for Jessica and Viki. Nash told everyone how Tess thinks he’s in love with Jessica. Antonio got angry and said maybe it’s true. Antonio got a call saying Viki’s car was located and he and Nash left. They met the cop who found the car, who told them that there is nothing but a couple of summer cabins up in the woods anywhere nearby the car’s location. Antonio asked the cop to get them a list of all the cabins. The cop said he would, but warned that with the weather the police couldn’t get to them. Nash tried yelling “Tess!” really loud into the woods, but apparently she couldn’t hear him.

Back at Llanfair, Natalie talked to Clint about her Cristian/John predicament. She didn’t really say anything new — she’s angry, hurt, confused, but still remembers loving them. She then picked up the phone and left a message for someone saying she’s been doing a lot of thinking wants to meet up (apparently we’ll have to wait until Monday to find out who it was).

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