Tune-In Alert

New B&B/Y&R Theme Weeks Announced

During the week of June 29, B&B will feature a “Love Conquers All” theme. On Monday, June 29, in an episode that originally aired on August 13, 2014, Wyatt  convinces Hope to take the marital plunge — literally — in Monte Carlo. On Tuesday, June 30, it’s Maya and Rick’s wedding day. The episode originally aired on August 12, 2015. On Wednesday, July 1, Ridge and Caroline head to the beach, and pronounce themselves as husband and wife. The episode first aired on September 14, 2015. On Thursday, July 2, Eric and Quinn tie the knot; celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton guest stars as Reverend Murphy. This episode originally aired on September 26, 2016. On Friday, July 3, from the episode that aired in July 4, 2018, Steffy tells Ridge that she is ready to marry Liam, just as he learns that Hope is pregnant with his child. Y&R will put the spotlight on Paul and Christine. On Monday, June 29, in an episode that originally aired on September 21, 1994, Paul pulls out all the stops to propose to Christine.  On Tuesday, June 30, in an episode that originally aired on December 14, 1994, Paul’s mother, Mary  makes a surprise appearance at Christine’s bridal shower. On Wednesday, July 1, in an episode that originally aired on December 29, 1994, Paul and Christine’s wedding day takes a shocking turn. On Thursday, July 2, in an episode that originally aired on August 7, 1996, Christine and Paul take the plunge, as Phyllis makes a confession. On Friday, July 3, in an episode that originally aired on August 15, 2003, Paul interrupts Isabella’s revenge plot against Christine.